the man in the black hat

so this story is about a girl who's father died and yehh.... I hope you like it :)



I spin around and almost fall over with the realisation of who this man is, he stands behind me with the smile that even the coldest hearts would go soft. At that moment I heard a the man talk, but his lips did not move, the words were;

“Hello my sweet, sweet little girl! How old were you last time I saw you? About six I believe? Oh how much you have grown since then.  Would have loved to watch you grow up, but because I am something OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I could not have seen you till this very day. See you are sixteen today my girl. Sorry I scared you away, it was not my plan, but it had to be done. I understand if you hate me.”

 This man, the man in the black hat was my FATHER? My DEAD father. My mind was boggled and I could not stand or think strait.

“I'm sorry but you left mum, Kat and I, you left us with nothing, we had to learn how to do things on our own. Your not my father your dead, we saw your body! how are you here now?"

"I'm here now because I'm a..."





cliff hanger.....

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