the man in the black hat

so this story is about a girl who's father died and yehh.... I hope you like it :)




It was just the ordinary day at high school, first period was math, I think if I have to look at another number I just might combust. Second period was astrophysics, I slept through the entire lesson again. Third period was one of my favourites… ART, my boyfriend ( ) and I had art together and both loved how you can express yourself and if you do something wrong no-one will find out.


My name is rose silver, I am in grade 10 and I am 15 years of age. I have dark brown eyes and blond straight hair, my skin has a light tan and I am part Russian, I love how I have a translation for my name in Russian, but I hate roses or any other kind of rose looking flower. My father died when I was six so I have only had my mother (Sara) and my sister (Kat). I have not spoken to my mother in over three years, I have been staying with my best friend (Courtney) and her family.

Today was a good day, it was my 16th birthday. () got me a bouquet of white lily’s (my favourite kind of flowers) and an angel with a halo above her head.

“Thanks (). I love you, where did you find her?” I have always loved angels and the supernatural things, but people just call me crazy.

“As you know I went to Venice last month and they LOVE god there. Well, while there I found a shop called GODS TRESSURE. It was FULL of all that stuff, I saw that angel and thought of you.”

He gave me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head and said he had to start making his way to his next class.


The day went by fast and soon enough it was time to go home. I lived about five minutes walking time from school so I was always walking to and from school. As I walked out of the gates I see this man dressed in the on suit and top hat, he motions for me to go over to him. I look around me to see if () was there but () was nowhere to be found. I start to walk away from the man in the black hat but he just kept following me. I turned around and started yelling at him, he gave me a twisted smile, it was only then that I realized that he was floating!!!  He put his hands on my shoulders and started to feel faint, my head spinning out of control, my knees all wobbly. Stars are threatening my eyes.

Black, all is black…









I wake in a black room with a little bedside table with a piece of paper on it, no bed though, hmmm.

I crawl over to the table and find the piece of paper is addressed to me. I pick it up and start to read it.


Dear rose,

If you wake and find this note, it just means that I am out for a little while. Don’t try to run away, I’m not going to hurt you. I will be back in…



“One… hello rose.”


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