(I'm using Janet Devlin from X Factor, look her up she has an amazing voice! Incredibly talented!)
Janet Devlin traveled across Ireland to audition for X Factor, mesmerizing the judges. What will happen when Niall sees her? Will it be love at first sight for Niall? And will it be love at first sight for Janet?
Read to find out! xx


2. Seeing Him and Meeting Him

I was out getting Starbucks, and I was wearing a navy blue crop top, and a cream colored blouse. I was also wearing a black pencil skirt, and a little bit see threw tights with my black combat boots. My hair was wavy like always. For my makeup I had a thick black cat eye eyeliner on to make my blue eyes pop and I also had a nudish- peachy lip stick on.

As I was on my way back to the contestants rooms for X-Factor, I kept singing the song from the audition from yesterday. I got back to the dorms and went to my room. I saw Harry on my way, he smiled and waved at me. I smiled and waved to him as I went into my room. I put my Starbucks on my vanity... It was a green tea frap. I made my bed, my comforter was a blue ombré, it went from white to an electric blue.

My furniture was white, but I added color to it. I pulled out my guitar and sat on my computer chair which was white also. I played my song from the audition from last night, and sang too.

~Niall's POV~

I was played football with Harry in the hall way. I kicked it too him and he kicked it back to me. I stopped the ball with my foot.

"Bro, why'd you stop?" Harry asked me confused.

"Who is that?" I asked listening to the singing.

"What?" Harry asked lightly an confused.

"The singing." I asked listening carefully.

"Oh." He said realizing what I was talking about, " That Janet Devlin."

I was just listening to her, she had a perfect voice.

"Beautiful voice eh?" He asked I nooded. " want to meet her?" He asked.

"You know her?" I asked.

"Yah we met after he auditions she comforted my when I thought I was gone." He explained.

"Yah, yah I want to meet her."

"Come on them." Harry said pointing down the hall behind him. I nodded and popped the ball into my arms and followed him.

"I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while your in the world." She finished singing.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

I was extremely nervous.

This absolutely beautiful girl opened the door and smiled at us.

"Hey Harry!" She exclaimed hugging him.

"Hi Janet, this is Niall." He said gesturing towards me.

"Hi, I'm Janet." She said holding her hand out.

"Niall." I said shaking it. She smiled.

"Well I'm going to the rec room to get some drinks and play some arcade games, who's with me?" She asked smiling.

The rec room is a large room we had filled with snacks and drinks, arcade games, ping pong, fooseball, tv, and video games. There is more to it but I don't want to name it all.

"I'm in, Niall?" Harry said looking at me.

"Yah I'm in."

"Great lets go." She said squeezing past me and Harry.

"Hey to bad you have a girl friend here already, she is awesome, and she is Irish, you guys could make a really cute couple." Harry whispered to me while walking down the hall to go to the rec room, Janet was a little ahead of us so I don't think she can hear us.

I just nodded to Harry and kept walking.

M girlfriends name is Brooklynn, she has an amazing voice too. She has dark brunette hair and greenish-blue eyes. She is tan and model skinny. She is actually quite popular, and she is from London.

When we were almost to the rec room Brooklynn came out of her room. She saw me and smiled and waved, I did the same back to her. She came up and hugged me. I hugged her back. We said short "Hi's" and she kissed me on my cheek and went with a girl named Ashley.

That's what I like about her, she may be popular but she isn't clingy. Harry nugged my arm and smiled at me.


~Janet's POV~

When we got to the rec room I went to the 'bar' and got a piña colada. Then the boys sat next to me and ordered. Harry got mixed berry and Niall got strawberry. They had a little bit of alcohol in them but not enough to get tipsy after one or two.

"How does your hair look perfect messy?" Asked Harry.

"I don't know?" I asked looking like I'm thinking, but in a funny way. Me and the boys laughed.

"So where are the other boys?" I asked them.

"Sleeping at the moment, I think." Niall said.

I smiled at them and laughed lightly.

"I'm gonna go play games who is with me?" I asked.

"I thought we already went threw this?" Harry said opening his eyes wide and and tilting his hand so it looks like he inferring the word 'what'. I laughed.

"Then come on I said grabbing his arms and pulling him of the seat.

I liked Niall and Harry, I was just more comfortable with Harry, I guess.

Once Harry was up I did the same to Niall. We went to the game machines and I started to play PAC Man. I was doing really well actually. Harry and Niall were going against each other on a racing game. I does after a whole and was getting bore of the game so I went and watched Niall and Harry. They were about to start another game.

"Hey guys, I have an idea." I said.

"What is it?" They asked looking at me.

"We should make a deal, who ever looses the winner has to make them do something." I said.

"Ok and the winner will get a kiss from you." Harry said smirking.

"Fine." I said.

Harry and Niall shook hands sealing the deal and then begun the game.


A/N who do you think should win the game? Comment 'Niall' Or 'Harry '.

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