(I'm using Janet Devlin from X Factor, look her up she has an amazing voice! Incredibly talented!)
Janet Devlin traveled across Ireland to audition for X Factor, mesmerizing the judges. What will happen when Niall sees her? Will it be love at first sight for Niall? And will it be love at first sight for Janet?
Read to find out! xx


3. Chillin

Warning sexual content....!

~Janet's POV~

I awoke from a deep sleep, I squinted from the sun light. I covered my eyes with my hands and rubbed them yawning. I got up and stretched, I went to my drawer and pulled out grey sweat pants and a baby pink sports bra. I sleep in a t-shirt and my underwear. I pulled on my grey sweats then I took my shirt off and put my baby pink sports bra on and then slid my white t-shirt on. The shirt was a little short but I didn't mind. My hair was okay for breakfast, it kinda looked the same as for my audition. My hair is actually naturally this curly.

I slid into the hall way and shut my door behind me and went to the breakfast hall. When I got there I saw Harry, I guess he saw me too because he wave at me and then came over to me. We hugged.

"Morning." He said smiling cheekily.

"Morning." I smiled back to him.

"Breakfast?" He asked gesturing towards the buffet of breakfast foods.

"Don't mind of I do." I replied in a thick Irish accent and then walking over to the buffet line.

He followed me and got in line next to me. I grabbed me a plate then handed Harry one.

"Thanks." He mubbled.

"So what's up?" I asked trying to break the silence between me and him.

"Um, nothing yet." He said.

I grabbed an apple and a banana, then oatmeal. They actually served good food here sometimes. Well most of the time.

After we got our food we sat at a table. After about 5 minutes Niall showed up with a brunette girl and sat down. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Hey." Harry said giving Niall a bro handshake. I guess it's what it's called.

"You know your really pretty." The girl said sort of staring at my weirdly.

"Thanks." I said a little confused, I even had a confused look on my face.

"No problem." She said leaning back and smiling at me. I slightly smiled back.

"Where are the other boys?" I asked.

"Not up yet." Niall said.

"Do they ever get up?" I asked sort of looking surprised.

"I dunno." Niall said biting into bacon.

"I'm gonna go get them up." I said standing up. I threw my rubbish away and went into the halls. Harry followed me and we went to the boys room. Harry opened the door and let me in.

"GUYS WAKE UP!" I yelled.

Zayn just pulled his sheets up higher. So much for him. Liam grumbled and so did Louis. Then I heard soft snores coming from Liam. I guess it's Louis who is getting up. They had bunks and Louis had a top one. I climbed up the latter and sat at the top of the bed. He grumbled and I laid on my side next to him. I kissed him on the nose. His eyes fluttered open and i smiled at him. He smiled back at me.

"Please get up?" I asked.

He sat up and I brushed his hair back with my hand when I sat up. He stretched and pulled me into a quick hug and when he let go I climbed back down the latter. Harry had left, I remember him saying he had to go to the bathroom badly. Louis climbed down he was already wearing grey sweats. I tossed him a white t-shirt and he smirked.

"What?" I asked.

"We are matching." He said pulling the shirt on.

I didn't even noticed I just tossed him a shirt. I smiled to my self and walked closer to him waiting for him. He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist my arms were around his neck.

"I know we just met, but I like you and was wondering if you would give me a chance?" He asked out of the blue. I mean I liked Louis, he was really funny and cute. Oh and adorable.

"Yah." I said. He smiled and cuddled me Ito his chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Yay." He said.

I laughed lightly and let go of him. He grabbed my hand intertwining it and led me out of their door.

"Can we go to my room so I can change really quickly?" I asked.

"No, I want us to match, please." He begged.

"Ok." I said.

He led me into the breakfast hall and got food. I could tell Niall was looking at us the entire time. He could probably burn holes into us. After Louis got food he sat at the table and pulled me close to him. I just put my legs across his lap and sat there as he ate. I already ate so yah...


After Louis was done eating and talking to the rest of the lads. Yes they did finally wake up. He intertwined our fingers and got up off the bench and pulled me with him into the hall.

"I'm gonna go change, I will meet you in the rec room." I said.

"Ok, I will too." He said.

We parted and I went into my room. I grabbed my clothes and stuff an went into the bathroom. I took a shower and dried me self off and got dressed.

I was wearing a black bandoe, and a cream colored lace crop-top over it which was quite short and see threw, and a turquoise, white, red, and black tribal print pencil skirt for bottoms. I pulled on navy blue knee high socks and then my black high heel ankle boots for shoes.

I blow dried me hair, and left it the curly mess it is. It honestly didn't look that bad. It was the same as my hair from the audition. I grabbed my stuff and went back into my room. I put my dirty clothes in the laundry and my other things on my white vanity. I sat down in my vanity's chair and did my makeup the usual way. Thick cat eye eyeliner and nude lipstick but I did a smokey eye for eye shadow.

I walked out of my room and went to the rec room. I also had me phone with me. I went in and sat on a dark blue bean bag and crossed me legs. Louis walked in a moment later wearing black skinny jeans, grey t-short and dark blue vans. (It's future looking one direction). He also had a perfect quiff in his hair. It didn't look like he put so much gel in at all.

I sat up and walked up to him, I still wasn't taller than him, even with the heels. I'm actually glad about that.

"Hey wanna go to the mall with me?" I asked.

"Yah sure, what are you gonna get?" He asked me.

"Clothes, shoes, I want vans in particular." I said.

"Ok." He said.

He walked out of the building, and before we went all the way we checked for fans. We couldn't see any so we went to my car. It was a black mustang, it had tinted windows too. So we were in luck.


When we got to the mall we got out and Louis intertwined our fingers and we walked in. We went to some store like pac son, areopostal, and Holister. We were now going to vans.

When we got close to the vans store, we got mobbed my fans and the paps. Louis held my hand tighter and we put our heads down and walked threw the crowds and into the store. They closed the doors and locked them. So it was just me Louis, two body guards and the people who work here.

"Hi I'm Sheryl." A lady came up to is holding out her hand.

"Louis." Louis said shaking her hand. They smiled at each other.

"Janet." I said shaking her hand too.

"This is really weird we have never had this happen to us." She said.

"This is actually the first time it's happened to me too." I said.

"It has actually happened to me a couple of times." Louis said sitting on a bench. I sat next to him and he put his arms around my waist pulling me towards him.


After we finally got back to the dorms, it was about 3 pm. We headed into the rec room. Retting was watching tv and I mean everyone. I looked at the tv and knew why, me and Louis at the vans store was on there. The damn paps. It even has a picture of Louis when he had arms around my waist. It even has a picture of him kissing my head. Shit I wonder what Simon would think about this.

I look up at Louis and he looked down at me and we both had a worried look on our face. His arm was around my waist as well.

When the news about me an Louis had ended everyone was chattering about it. Until everyone was growing silent as they saw me and Louis in the arch way connecting the hall and the rec room. No one spoke it was just and awkward embarrassing moment. Then one by one everyone started laughing which made me and Louis laugh. Everyone one was flooding out of the rec room for dinner giving Louis a pat on the a shoulder or me hugs.

Everyone was gone excite me, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall! His eyes were red. I ran up to him and kneeled down on my knees so I could meet his hieght. I wiped the tears away from his face with the pads of my thumbs.

"What happened?" I alas directing towards the other boys beside Louis and Niall.

"Brooklynn broke up with him." Harry said sympathetically.

"That bitch! I'm going to bloody kill her!" I yelled standing up.

"I think it was for the best, she was cheating on him with Tom and he likes someone else." Liam said.

"That bitch cheated on him, that lying cheating whore!" I yelled.

Calm down, like I said he likes someone else." Liam said.

"Who?" I asked a bit calmer.

"I'm afraid I can't you that." Liam said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"He just didn't want anyone to know right now." Liam said.

I just got frustrated and went to my room slamming the door and locking it.

I took my boots off and tossed them on the floor at the end of my bed. I sighed at looked up and saw my guitar and grabbed it. I started playing a song my mum always used to play for me when I was upset. Then someone knocked on my door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Louis, please let me in." He begged.

"I need to calm down." I said.

I heard the weight being lifted off of the door. I started playing the song again.

I then noticed a note being put under my door, I put my guitar down and walked over to it. It read: Its Niall let me in.

I grabbed the nearest pencil and wrote: how do I know it's Niall?

And then slid it back under the door. Then a Mamet. Later it was pushed back under to me. It had his signature written on it. I unlocked and opened the door and Niall crawled in from being on his knee(from passing the notes under the door). I shut the door and locked it.

"I don't get why your mad?" He whispered.

"It's that bitch." I whisper back.

"I honestly don't care about her." He said, "want me to be brutally honest?" He asked.

"Yes please." I said sitting to the side of him.

He nodded, "I don't care because I like you." He said looking at me.

I was shocked I liked him too but I was dating Louis. I smiled slightly and he was looking at me lips then my eyes then back to my lips. He started to lean in and I did to. He kissed me , after a moment or two it got a little more heated. I strattled him one knee on one side of him and the other on the other side. His hand were in my back and my hands were cupping his face. He turned us over so he was on top of me. My hands moved form his cheeks to his neck pulling him in closer. And his hands went to me cheeks cupping them. To be honest I wasn't a virgin. I had lost it when I was 15. I know a little young but I thought he loved me which he didn't he just used me. He never even told me he liked me let alone loved me.

I tugged at Niall's shirt, and he stopped kissing me.

"Are you sure." He asked out of breath from kissing.

"Yah I'm sure." I had totally forgotten about Louis at that point.

He nodded and I took his shirt off. He took my crop-top off and then kissing my neck. He was sucking on it and when he hit my sweet spot I moaned softly. I could feel him smile against my neck. I started messing with his pants. I go them undone then I zipped them down. I moaned at Niall hitting my sweet spot on my neck again. I slid Niall's pants down, it made him moan very lightly. Probably because of the the touch. I brought his face to mine kissing him. I kissed his neck and after a second or two I found his sweet spot earning a soft moan from him. I licked that spot and blew on it then sucked on it again. My hands traced down his chest and too the waist line of his boxers. I barely put my hand in his boxers.

"Janet..." Niall moaned quietly.

I smirked and grabbed his member. And the. Began to stroke it. Faster and harder.

"You.. *moan* might wanna *moan* stop If you *moan* actually wan- *moan* -t me in you." He said moaning obviously.

I pulls my hand away and grabbed a condom from under my bed. I have a box of them, and yes we were still on the floor.

I opened the silver packet putting it on him. I heard him quietly moan. I laughed in my head and he hovered over me. He leaned down and started to kiss my neck.

"I get to pleasure you now." He said into my neck. I was actually excited.

He left a trail of kisses down my breasts and stomach and then got to my pssy. He started to lick it and I moaned harshly. As he licked and sucked he entered a finger, I hashed at the feeling, I loved it. He then entered another making me moan a little louder. Then another. I was in heaven.

"Niall... *moan* just *gasp and moan* fuck me." I moaned. He stopped and licked his fingers and then kissed me, he then entered me.

"Faster Niall." I moaned.

He went faster and soon enough we both came.

He laid down next to me, we were both out of breath. I tossed him a pair of sweats after he discarded the condom. He pulled his shirt on and I put my sweats on and my bandoe then I put on a vintage marvel shirt in and laid next to Niall. I pull a blanket down from my head and two pillows. I gave one to Niall and I used the other pillow. I covered the both of us with the blanket and he cuddled into me.

We both fell asleep.

I just cheated on louis, in the worse possible way, and it happened with one of his band mates that just got cheated on and dumped.

We have to keep this a secret.

Oh and by the way Niall won the kiss. :*

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