Gun Runner (COD FanFic)

*Activision owns all of the COD characters, I only own Joey, Miley, Maria, Aria* When Miley MacTavish turns 18 she makes the ultimate decision; Follow in her father's foot steps and become a soldier or stay at home with her mother.


3. Two: Cargo Ship- Arrival

I haven't seen Joey in a few days, so maybe he's still in Basics. I 'm running the Cargo Ship demo again when I hear Captain Price (I am under his command so I can't call him Uncle anymore) say, "Hunter.". I snap my head towards him and shout to Yuri, "Time.".

My heart is pounding, my mind alert once more. I survey my surroundings until Captain Price says, "Enough, Hunter. Stand down.". I bow to him and say, "Yes sir.". Captain Price tells everyone to gather around and to listen up. He talks about the mission; a cargo ship with a few nukes on it. After he leaves, I shout, "Oh hell yeah.". Grinch and Sandman shout it too. Frost just looks at me weird, as do Yuri, Gaz, and Nikolai.

An hour later I'm sitting in a helicopter waiting for us to 'strike'. Frost keeps looking at me funny, then I hear him whisper to Sandman, "She definitely acts like him as well.". Okay, WHO do I ACT and LOOK like? I begin tapping the beat to 'We Will Rock You' by Queen or at least try to. I stop after I hear something with the 'air' around us. Frost pokes me in the shoulder and says, "Les go, Hunter.".

I nod following him out of the helicopter, bearly falling flat on my face, until Frost grabs my elbow. He whispers, "Next time try stepping down.". I whisper back, "Roger that.". He nods and then we run towards the others.

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