Gun Runner (COD FanFic)

*Activision owns all of the COD characters, I only own Joey, Miley, Maria, Aria* When Miley MacTavish turns 18 she makes the ultimate decision; Follow in her father's foot steps and become a soldier or stay at home with her mother.


1. Prologue *15 years ago*

*Third Person*

Captain Price watched the three year old and her mother at the park. He had the job no soldier wanted to have; He had to tell this woman that her husband had died. This woman is Captain Price's friend John MacTavish's wife and the three year old, his daughter Miley.

Captain Price took tenative steps towards them, unsure of how to tell them. He reaches them and says, "Maria.". Maria snaps her head up at Captain Price. She says, "Yes, Price.". Maria only calls Captain Price  by his last name because both her husband and Price's first names are 'John'. 

"Maria, Soap is...". Captain Price couldn't even finish, yet Maria knew what he meant. Miley ran back to her mother and said, "Momma, where Daddy.". Maria's eyes filled up with tears, she didn't want to tell Miley the truth. Miley kept staring at her mother. Maria finally said, "Sweetie, Daddy's not coming back.". 

Miley's eyes filled up with tears, but she didn't cry. For she already knew that crying meant weakness, at least sometimes. Maria hugged Miley and then said, "Thank you, Price.". Captain Price nodded, knowing his job was done.

As he turned to walk away he heard Miley say, "Bye bye, uncle.". With that Captain Price left his heart heavy, but he had a smile on his face. His other friend Yuri was leaning against the truck that Captain Price had drove. Yuri asks, "They all right?". Captain Price nodded his head once more and said, "Yes, but for some reason Miley didn't cry like I thought she would.".

"She's a tough kid already. She'd be a damn good soldier if she decides to join when she grows up.". Captain Price shook his head furiously, "She's not going to join the Corp when she's older, Maria has promised me that much.". As Yuri set in the passenger seat he mumbles to himself.

Captain Price begins driving to the West Point Academy, and Yuri says, "Never underestimate a MacTavish, Price.".

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