Gun Runner (COD FanFic)

*Activision owns all of the COD characters, I only own Joey, Miley, Maria, Aria* When Miley MacTavish turns 18 she makes the ultimate decision; Follow in her father's foot steps and become a soldier or stay at home with her mother.


2. One: F.N.G

I turned 18 today. I have a dream of joining the Marines today, hoping I could get in. I stared at the target on the farthest wall from me. The bell goes off, and I begin firing at the various human target cut outs. I hear someone call, "Time, Hunter.". I snap my attention towards the side door of the shooting range. I smile and take the earplugs out of my ears.

"Hello, Fox." I say with a disatisfied tone. Joey 'Fox' Sanderson is my one true friend. He and I met our freshman year in high school. We have a few things in common; we both like the same types of music, we have the same type of movie interests and our dad's died in the war. Joey takes one good look at the targets and says, "I have an idea.".

"No, Momma made me promise not to join, even thoug I want to today.". Joey shakes his head and says, "Damn it, Miley, you're 18. You can do whatever you want.". I hate it when people call me by my real name, it's to girly. Now Hunter is both girlish and guyish. I roll my eyes and say, "Fine.". I wipe down the gun I was using and set it back in the case I brought it in.

I arrive at the mall about an hour later, Joey and I are standing in the middle of Pac Sun with his sister Aria browsing through anything. I shout to her, "You can find me and Joey at the Army store, okay? We shouldn't be long.". She shouts back, "Huh?". Joey and I both shake our heads and head towards the Army store. 

As I walked in I felt a sense of security, like I was meant to be here. Joey walks over to the recruiter and says, "My friend and I would like to sign up for the Marines, Sir.". The recruiter obviously surprised at being called, 'Sir', says, "I need your friend to come over here and I need both of your background information.". I make a loud gulping sound and walk over to Joey. 

Joey says, "Joseph Zane Sanderson, 18, 200 pounds of pure muscle.". The recruiter says, "I need more info, son.". Joey tells the recruiter more. The recruiter says, "Next.". I walk over nervously. The recruiter says, "Name.".

"Miley Hannah MacTavish. I am 18, about 195 in weight and 5'12 in height. I don't know what else to tell you, Sir.". Joey makes a coughing sound, but says, "She's a dead shot with a sniper rifle and a pro a knife throwing.". The recruiter stands up and says, "Excuse me, Son.".

I nervously look around and repeat what Joey said, "I'm a dead shot with a sniper rifle and a pro at knife throwing.", I add, "I'm a level four dan in S.C.A.R.S, Jeet Kun Do, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,  American Kenpo, CQC,  Okichitaw, Muay Thai. I also have training on the  Desert Eagle, .45, Glock 17, Ranger, RSASS, SCAR-H, R700.". 

The recruiter looks stunned, but says, "It'll be a few weeks before you two are shipped off to Basics.". Joey and I nod then we head back to Pac Sun to find a very pissed off Aria waiting for us. She asks, "Where the hell have you been?". Joey's face reddens as if his head is about to explode. I get in between them and say, "You need to be happy for your brother, because you may not see him in a few weeks.". Aria is stunned by what I said.

"What are you talking about, Miley? Joey isn't going anywhere in a few weeks.". We're outside now so Joey basically shouts, "I'M LEAVING FOR BASICS IN A FEW WEEKS.". Tears begin forming in Aria's eyes as she say, "You're lying, Joey, Momma says your always lying when you say stuff like that.".

Joey shouts, "To hell I am.". I take a deep breath and say, "He's not the only one, Aria. I am as well. We met with a recruiter today at the Army Store. I better get home and tell my Mom. I know she'll be pissed, but I can deal with it.".

I leave Aria and Joey in the shouting match, not wanting to have to deal with them. After I get home I walk into the kitchen where I find Momma and a man I think I've met before. Wait a moment, it's the recruiter from the mall! I ask semi-angrily, "What are you doing here?". The recruiter says, "I am surprised that didn't recognize me, Miley. Though you were only three when I met you.". 

I close my eyes and think of who this man is. I finally say, "Uncle Price.". Uncle Price nods. Momma says, "I already know what you and Joey are planning on doing and you can.". I smile raising my left fist in the air, causing my shirt sleeve to fall back revealing the bandage around it. Momma mutters, "Miley.". I shake my head, Momma didn't used to care about me getting a tattoo. Uncle Price says, "Let me see it.". 

I cautiously take the bandage off, revealing, 'Mors De Contactus' and my forearm says, 'Mors Ex Tenebris'. Uncle Price says, "Death from Contact and Death from the darkness. Those are nice, Miley.". I smile again,  head up to my room and pack the stuff I am going to need next week.

*Three weeks later*

Joey and I set in the back of a covered truck on our way to the base we'll be staying at. Joey is in a different platoon than me, which actually sucks. The truck stopped and I was told to get out. I'm about to ask, 'Why', when Joey says, "Just do it, Hunter.". I nod and step out of the truck. The sun was so bright I had to shield my eyes as I walked with the person who had to escort me to wherever I needed to be.  My eyes look everywhere and that's when I heard the growling and barking of dogs. 

"N'yet!".  The dogs immediately cease and begin panting. The guy, who now introduces hiself as Gaz, says, "No one, but Price can ever control those two.". I sarcastically say, "Maybe I'm just a dog person.". I hear Uncle Price say, "Cut the sarcasm, Miley.". I salute him and say, "Sir, yes, sir.".

"Good. Now we need you to do a task for us.". I nod and say, "I'll do anything.". Uncle Prince ,motions for Gaz and I to follow him. I begin thinking about the task, whatever it is. I snap back to the reality when Gaz says, "Take a few flash bangs and some other grenades, whatever pistol you want, as well as whatever rifle you want.". I know Gaz said only one pistol, but I grab both the Desert Eagle and the Ranger. As for the rifle, I grab the trusty RSASS.

"We need you to run a cargo ship demo. Then we'll talk again.".  I nod and take my place. The bell goes off and I take off with great speed. It's only twenty minutes later I'm standing back where Uncle Price and Gaz are, but I'm a little disoriented from the flash bangs. I barely hear Gaz whisper, "She's just like him, Price. Just like him.". Who am I just like? Uncle Price or someone else in my family?

"I know, Gaz, I know.". I shake my head a couple of times and can now clearly see a bunch of other guys other than Uncle Price and Gaz. One of them shouts, "Who's the F.N.G?". Gaz says, "Shut the fuck up, Frost.". I look around; there's seven guys (including Uncle Price and Gaz). I look at 'Frost' and flatly say, "Lemme guess, F.N.G, means, 'Fucking New Guy' right.". One of the others, who Uncle Price introduces as 'Yuri' says, "You'd be right.".

"What's your nickname, F.N.G?" Frost asks. I close my eyes, which brings on a round of cat calling from Frost. My pulse quickens, muscles tense, my breathing becomes quicker, yet regular. I open my eyes and lunge at Frost, a knife drawn. I tackle Frost and pin him against a wall, the knife inches from his throat. I feel Yuri and one of the other guys pull me away from Frost. Yuri forces the knife out of my hand.

My breathing is still quick, my mind alert. Uncle Price smiles at me, then he claps his hands. They all do except for Frost. I look around and growl, "What?". Uncle Price says, "You need a nickname, Miley. So what is it?". I keep my eyes on Frost, thinking of a name, but only one stands out in my mind, 'Hunter' the name I'm already going by.

"Hunter. I'll go by Hunter.". Everyone re-introduces themselves, and I just smile. The guys I now know as Sandman, Nikolai, Frost, Gaz and Grinch are some how hiding something that they know about me. What is it though, what did they know about me that I don't even know? What is with Gaz saying, 'She's just like him, Price. Just like him.'. I'm just like who?

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