She has always been stuck in her sister's shadow. Nothing she ever did was good enough. She wasn't the pretty one, she wasn't the smart one. She was the one that just happened. Her parents even made it perfectly clear that they didn't care about her. So now she's on that thin line of life and death. That's when she meets them. Her new neighbors. At first she thought they were going to be like the others. Then they show her exactly how wrong she was. Suddenly the thin line she was standing on became much bigger with hope and love. Read.


6. Sister Wrath

Chloe's POV:

I sat on my bed as the sun beamed through the window. My radio was blasting Avril Lavigne songs which always put me in good moods. I traced my lips with my finger and my chest started to swell with a feeling I have never felt before. My thoughts broke when my bedroom door burst open revealing my sister. She beaming with anger. 

"What?" I questioned. 

"How dare you troll!" She hissed. 

"What did I do?"

"You know exactly what you did!" She ran over and slapped me. I pushed her backwards causing her to fall on her butt. She started to tear up as if I really hurt her. Then she got up and ran down the stairs. I looked out the window and watched as she ran over to the boys. I sighed and fell back feeling defeated. I rolled over and texted Ariana telling her what had just happened. As I waited for a response I heard a car horn out front. I ran down the stairs and peered out of the window to see Ariana in the drive way blaring her radio. I smiled and made my way out to the car. 

"Where to my lady?" She smiled. 

"Anywhere that's not here." I said getting in. 

"Did I ever mention how much I hate your sister?" She asked pulling away from my house. 

"Here and there." I giggled. 

"Well one day she will be burning in hell and I will be on the side lines laughing eating popcorn." 

"I think you need help." I teased. 

She laughed as we drove down a dirt road that eventually lead us to Haven's house. She lived out in the country and was proud to admit it to anyone who asked. Her parents were also very cool and aloud her to do whatever she liked unless it was harmful to her. Her mother loved having Ariana and I over because we were always good influences on Haven, well at least I was. When we pulled up to her house we saw her little bothers playing under the big oak tree in their front yard. I got out of the car and looked up in the tree to find Haven writing in her journal.

"Isn't that dangerous?" I teased. She peered down past the branches and smiled at me. 

"So what?" She giggled as she climbed down and engulfed me in a tight hug. "A girl gotta have fun sometimes." 

"But you could fall and break your bones." Ariana teased. 

"Only if I fall."

"Well you wanna help us get back at Destiny?" 

"What that bitch do now?"

"Slapped our Chloe and tried to make her the bad guy." Ariana pinched my cheeks. 

"Well lets go!" She pulled us back to the car and we drove back to my house. Just like yesterday Drew was out working on his car. Ariana linked arms with me and we walked over to him with Haven behind us humming. 

"Hey there hottie." Ariana giggled as he pushed himself out from under the car. He stood up and whipped his hands on a towel smiling at us. 

"Hey ladies what can I do for you today?" He asked looking at me. 

"Did Chloe's evil sister come over here earlier?" Ariana asked. 

"I don't really know, I wasn't here." He shrugged. "But Chloe you have something right here." He smirked poking my cheek. After his finger left I covered my cheek with my hand. 

"That's where Destiny slapped me..." I mumbled. 

"She slapped you?" He frowned. "Why?"

"Because she's jealous." Haven said. 

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