She has always been stuck in her sister's shadow. Nothing she ever did was good enough. She wasn't the pretty one, she wasn't the smart one. She was the one that just happened. Her parents even made it perfectly clear that they didn't care about her. So now she's on that thin line of life and death. That's when she meets them. Her new neighbors. At first she thought they were going to be like the others. Then they show her exactly how wrong she was. Suddenly the thin line she was standing on became much bigger with hope and love. Read.


11. Please Be Dreaming..

~Chloe's POV:

The sun rushed into the window waiting me up. It's been about a week since I moved into my Aunt's house. The only down side about leaving my parent's house was that I was half an hour away from everyone. I sighed running my hand through my hair as I looked outside the window.

"Chloe!" I turned my head to see Sophia standing there holding her teddy bear. She was smiling at me.

"Yes Sophia?" I smiled pushing myself off my bed and walking over to her picking her up in my arms.

"Momma said there's someone here to see you." She smiled at me before wiggling out of my arms. I quickly got dressed and hurried down the stairs to see Keaton sitting on the couch playing with Sophia. I was confused.

"Keaton?" I questioned walking into the room.

"Hey Chloe!" He perked up smiling at me.

"What's going on?" I asked still confused, because he hasn't really talked to me since they moved into town, let alone come over to see me.

"I just came to check up on you." He frowned. I stepped forward and laid my forehead against his. No, he doesn't seem to have a fever. I looked at him confused and noticed the nervousness lingering in his eyes. Taking a step backwards I looked at him again noticing that he couldn't look me in the eye.

"What's going on?" I asked again expecting an actual answer this time.

"I just to-" He began but I cut him off.

"The truth." I crossed my arms glaring at him.

"Well.." He coughed scratching the back of his head. That's when we heard a knock at the front door. He looked very relieved like he was off the hook or some shit.

"We aren't done yet." I stated walking to the door. When I opened it Ariana pushed her way inside. When she got inside she turned around and looked at me with a look of horror.

"What's wrong Ari?" I questioned nervously.

"Have you heard anything?" She huffed out.

"Heard what?" Keaton walked over to us very carefully. Ariana turned to look at him then she looked back at me with fear in her eyes. What was I missing?

"I haven't told her anything." He said to her.

"What the fuck don't I know?" I practically screamed causing them both to jump. They exchanged looks nervously but just as Keaton was about to say something someone knocked at the door again. This time I groaned in frustration as I opened it.

"What do you want?" I growled as I opened it revealing Ginger. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry Ginger.."

"It's okay.." She said softly and nervously.

"Is there something you needed?" I asked.

"I was hoping that you would know what this was all about.." She held up her phone to me. I stared at the screen to see a mass text from my sister. To Everyone Important, I hope to see you guys at the beach bash tonight to celebrate the last day of break.
I stared at it unsure why it was any importance but than Ginger pulled up Destiny's page. Her cover photo was her holding someone's hand, and it now read, 'In a Relationship'. I turned my head to look back at Keaton and Ariana, both of them had sad looks on their faces. No way.. I thought.

"Anyone up to crashing a party tonight?" I said almost emotionless.

"Hell yes!" Ginger smiled brightly. I looked back at Ariana and Keaton who both had soft smiles on their faces but worry filled their eyes. The hours seemed to pass very suddenly and before I knew it, the party was here. I told my aunt that I was going over to Ariana's for the night, which wasn't a complete lie. She invited Haven over hoping that the two of them could convince me that this wasn't a good idea, but Haven wasn't on her side this time. To her defeat she silently followed behind us towards the beach. I admit I was starting to become nervous the closer we got to the beach, but I wasn't about to turn back now.

"Wait!" We all stopped and turned around to see Keaton running towards us.

"I'm not turning back Keaton." I said sternly crossing my arms.

"You're going to the party?" I turned my head to look behind him to see Drew walking up in a beater and shorts.

"Yes I am." I uncrossed my arms.

He smiled at me as he walked up to me, when he got in front of me he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. We walked the rest of the way to party like that. He was telling me how he almost got his car finished, and that when he does we should take a drive to LA. I agreed because I've never been to the city before and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. When we reached the beach the sound of my sister's tacky music filled my ears. Oddly there were a lot of people here, which was weird because most females hate my sister. I somehow ended up separated from the others, and as I searched for them I noticed my sister. She was sitting in an open tent surrounded by a few people, one of them caught my attention though.

"I heard your sister's friends are here Des." One of the chicks said.

"Oh well." She smirked smugly before turning towards the familiar face. "Would you care if my baby sister was here?" She rubbed her hand along his thigh as he turned his head looking at her. His expression on his face was one I've never seen him before. A smile, a cold heartless smile, lined his lips.

"No I wouldn't care." He said coldly. "In fact I wish she was here so I could look her in the eyes and say that I don't care a single bit about her lying self." What? My heart started sinking into my stomach. This person, there was no way this person could be the same Wesley I meant two weeks ago.. There's no way.. I quickly turned around and hurried away from the tent, away from the beach. When I got up the hill I looked back down at the party. The music still reaching my ears and the lights still blinding my eyes.

"Chloe?" I turned around to see Drew walking up the hill towards me. I faked a smile as he got closer to me. "Leaving already?"

"Yeah it was a bad idea for me to come, I should've just listened to Ariana." I choked out trying to fight back the tears that were begging to come out of my eyes.

"Want me to walk you home?" He asked staring straight into my eyes. Home.. I can't go home because then my aunt will know I lied to her about staying at Ariana's, and I can't go home without her either. I sighed unsure what I should do.

"Or we could just head back to my house." He smiled at me softly.

"That sounds okay.." I mumbled smiling at him.

As we walked back to his house he started telling me about his home town, how the people there were so different than the ones here. He even told me about his past relationships, how he was never good enough because they always ended up cheating on him. Except for his last girlfriend before he moved here. They were together for almost a year, but when he told her that he was moving here she told him to choose. The boys, or her. It was clear what choice he made, but I felt bad for him. What if she was his one, what if.. When we got back to his house I sat down on the couch as he went into the kitchen to get us something to drink. When he returned he handed me a Dr. Pepper before turning the TV on. He flipped through the channels before settling on Family Guy. There was this awkward distance between us, and I hated it. That's when he grabbed my wrist pulling me closer to him. Before I knew it we were curled up on the couch watching Family Guy. His hand rested on my hip as he used the other to keep his head lifted above mine. The sound of his heartbeat slowly calmed me down so I was able to fall asleep in his arms.

Wesley's POV:

I knew she was there, I knew she heard everything I said. However I couldn't find the strength to go run after her, to pull her back into my arms. The last few days have been utter hell, how the hell did I end up here?!

*Three days ago*

As I stepped out of the bathroom in my shorts I heard a loud female voice coming from outside. I peered through the window to see Destiny standing there with her friend. I stepped out of the house to see what they were up to when she noticed me. A smug grin appeared on her lips.

"Why are you here?" I questioned cautiously.

"To inform you that my parents are gonna press charges against your little girlfriend." She snickered which made me sick.

"She's not my girlfriend." Why did saying that bother me so much? "And you were the one who attacked her, not the other way around."

"That doesn't matter." She laughed. "But you can prevent this."

"How?" I regretted asking.

"Become my boyfriend, be dedicated to me." She grinned.

"And you won't press charges against her?"

"Nope. I'll tell daddy that it was just a sister fight, nothing that should be taken too serious." Her smile never left, which made me sick.

"Then I'll do it."

Ever since agreeing to her demand, I've been stuck doing everything she says. Most of these chicks showed up because she told them about her super hot boyfriend, making me some type of show case. Keaton warned me that she was going to show up, he also said that he was gonna try his hardest to keep her away. Drew however said he wasn't going to stop her from showing up, or seeing me with her sister. He didn't think that my choice was the right way to handle the situation. I told Destiny that I wasn't feeling well so I was going to go home. She nodded saying it was fine, but not to get any ideas. I nodded and headed back to my house. I noticed Ariana and Haven in the crowd with Keaton, and some other girl. I didn't see Chloe so she must have hurried home after over hearing me. When I walked into the house I heard Family Guy playing in the living room. I walked in there to turn off the TV to see Drew laying on the couch with Chloe in his arms. Rage started filling my body as I stormed upstairs. It sure didn't take her long to bounce back after seeing me with her sister. Did that even bother her at all?! I slammed my fist into my bedroom wall as I tried to blow off some steam.

"What did you expect Wes?" I turned my head to see Keaton standing there with a soft sad frown on his face.

"I didn't expect her to hook up with my best friend!!" I yelled.

"Neither of them are the type to hook up behind your back!" He yelled back. "She just saw you with her sister! She ran away from the party like a bolt of lightening! Drew saw and knew if she stayed alone that things wouldn't end well on your end and you'd have just another girl that held so much regret to your heart!" He didn't let me say anything when he finished, he just walked away leaving me there. I fell back onto my bed, I just couldn't help but think how stupid I was.

How could I be such an idiot..

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