She has always been stuck in her sister's shadow. Nothing she ever did was good enough. She wasn't the pretty one, she wasn't the smart one. She was the one that just happened. Her parents even made it perfectly clear that they didn't care about her. So now she's on that thin line of life and death. That's when she meets them. Her new neighbors. At first she thought they were going to be like the others. Then they show her exactly how wrong she was. Suddenly the thin line she was standing on became much bigger with hope and love. Read.


7. Inside Wes' head.

Wesley's POV:

 I decided to go for a jog to get somethings off my mind. I had my headphones in my ears as I ran along the road. Moving here was suppose to help but it hasn't. Those nightmares are still there. Those thoughts still burden my mind. She was the one, I loved her with my whole heart and soul. I didn't want anyone else. Then that phone call broken everything in me. She was in the car with her ex and he had swerved out of the way of incoming car right into a tree killing them both instantly. I don't know what killed me more, the fact that she was dead or was it that she was with him. The guy that hurt her so much, emotional and physically. 

 I stopped and sat down against a tree under the shade. Drew said that moving here should help, that maybe moving on could help. When I saw Destiny I thought about being nice, I never thought she'd become this crazy obsessed chick. Now I'm looking out the window every time I decide to leave because I don't want to run into her. Maybe moving here was a mistake. 

"Wes?" I looked up to see Chloe looking at me with curious eyes. 

"Hey Chloe." I smiled softly. 

"Are you okay?" 

"Yeah..." I lied. 

"Here." She handed me a bottle of cold water. I smiled softly and took a drink of it. She sat down next to me looking at me as if she was trying to figure me out. "You're lying." 


"You aren't okay, there's something bothering you." 

"How can you tell?" 

"I get that same look in my eyes." She smiled softly at me. "I understand if you don't want to tell me." 

"Before I moved here, I had this girl..." I mumbled. 

"Did she break your heart?" She asked sadly. 


"What happened?" 

"She died." I sighed. "With her ex..." 

"Oh no I'm sorry Wesley..." Tears started to swell her eyes. 

"Why are you about to cry?" I asked. 

"Because...." She sniffled. "No one deserves that pain..."

 Her sad eyes and the fact that she was crying for me made my heart start pounding. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a soft hug. I think I was just defeated by this girl. We sat there for fifteen minutes without saying anything. This was the first time in awhile that I felt at ease. My heart didn't ache and my thoughts weren't there. She made my pain disappear. This girl was something else. 

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