She has always been stuck in her sister's shadow. Nothing she ever did was good enough. She wasn't the pretty one, she wasn't the smart one. She was the one that just happened. Her parents even made it perfectly clear that they didn't care about her. So now she's on that thin line of life and death. That's when she meets them. Her new neighbors. At first she thought they were going to be like the others. Then they show her exactly how wrong she was. Suddenly the thin line she was standing on became much bigger with hope and love. Read.


5. Beach Bash.

Chloe's POV:

 I sat in the warm sand as the sun started to sink under the water. Ariana was helping to get the fire all ready for tonight, and my other best friend Haven was getting everything we need. I asked if they wanted me to help but they said no. So here I am bored out of my mind sitting in the sand staring at the moving water. 

"Why are you all alone?" I looked over my shoulder to see Drew taking a seat next to me.

"Did Ariana ditch you?" Keaton asked. 

"No.." I giggled. 

"Then why are you just sitting here?" Wesley asked. 

"Because I have absolutely nothing to do." I sighed. 

"They don't want you to help?" Drew questioned and I shook my head. 

"Perfect you guys are here!" Ariana smiled walking over to us. "Everything is about to begin so come on!" She headed towards the tent with Wesley and Keaton following her. Drew walked next to me as we walked to the tent. The music was already blaring and people were already dancing. I walked over to the drinks to see a couple making out. 

"Oh my gosh!" I blushed slapping my hand over my eyes. I heard someone chuckle so I peeked through my fingers to see Drew shaking his head. 

"Chloe! Drew!" I turned my head to see Ariana waving at us. We walked over to her then she lead us to a smaller tent that was attached to the big tent. Haven and a few others were sitting around a fire giggling. 

"What's going on?" I asked. 

"We are gonna play a game." Haven smiled. 

"Well this never ends well." I teased as we took our seats. 

"Now for this game we all have to write down a question on a small piece of paper. Then someone will grab a piece randomly, ask anyone that question. The trick is that since there's at least one of us that will know the true answer to the question, if you lie you have to do a dare." Ariana explained. 

"That seems alright..." I said. Everyone wrote down a question then folded their pieces of paper and threw it into a basket. 

"I'll draw first." Haven said grabbing a piece. "Okay lets see I pick Luke. Have you ever had sex outside the bedroom?"

"Hell yes!" He laughed high-fiving his buddies. Haven rolled her eyes and sighed. 

"My turn!" Ariana giggled. "Drew, do you have a girlfriend?"

"That's totally not what that says." I narrowed my eyes. 

"Is so!" She shoved the question in my face. 

"No I don't." He chuckled. "But I'll go next. Haven have you ever eaten a raw fish?"

"No way! Gross." She made a funny face causing us to laugh. 

"I wanna go!" Keaton said grabbing a piece of paper. "Chloe have you ever kissed a boy?" 

"W-wha....of course!" I lied blushing. 

"LIAR!" Ariana and Haven shouted. 

"Time for a dare my dear!" Ariana smiled. 

"I dare you and Drew to go down by the water for fifteen minutes." Haven smirked. 

"And you can't return until you have finally kissed a guy!" Ariana giggled. 

"You guys are horrible..." I blushed. 

Drew and I headed to the water in silence. The dark sky had taken over as the sun was completely gone. I sat down and looked up at the shining moon in the dark starry sky. He took a seat next to me and smiled. 

"Your friends are funny." He said. 

"You mean, they are mean right?" I sighed. 

"So you never kissed a guy before?" He asked changing the subject. 

"N-no..." I blushed mumbling. 

"I think that is cute." 


"Because it means that you have way more control than most girls." 

"Actually it just means that guys don't want to kiss me they prefer my sister." I grumbled.

"Well I don't want to kiss your sister." He smiled. 

"You say that now..." 

"I promise you that I will never kiss or touch your sister." 

"Pinky promise?" I smirked holding out my pinky. 

"I pinky promise." He locked his pinky with mine and smiled. As I was about to untangle my pinky he grabbed my wrist and yanked me forward. In a few seconds my lips locked with his. I've never felt this feeling before. I've never felt these sparks before. This was something completely strange to me.

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