Movellas Anniversaries

This is a book for my dear friends here on my Movellas. When they celebrate their anniversaries, I will dedicate a chapter to them telling people all they have accomplished. Please do not request these, they will only be given to my friends that I prefer to give them to. I hope you guys enjoy celebrating and learning more about this Movellians.


2. Princess G

Dear Gabby,

Princess G-


Gabby joined Movellas on June 8th, 2013. She authors so many popular books including: Opposites Attract, Hired, The Wrong Twin, Life On Tour and MANY others!

She is also a very creative person. She has many cool ideas for Movellas like: Weekly Cover Contest, Movellas Apartment Center, The Stypayhorliksonherwinfordood Family and more!

She has a very impressive 587 fans and many amazing friends who love her. I've know Gabby since her very first days on this site. She is incredibly sweet and has grown very mature and creative on this site in the past year. She is a great person and someone who will always talk with you, help you and always lift your mood.

She is a hard worker and deserves all of the good things that have came to her so far. Here are some of blurbs of the stories I mentioned earlier.


Opposites Attract:

Leah White is a good girl. But when she has to tutor the school bad boy, Louis Tomlinson will there be love? Or will there be heartbreak?



My name is Payton Young. I am 19 years old and from London, England. I guess you can say I'm famous. I have a little sister, Jess, who is 9. Our parents are divorced and we live with our mom in London. Our dad lives in New York. Jess and I get along well with our parents. It just so happens, we only get to see our dad a few times a year. I have two best friends, Carter and Tyler. Carter is a girl and Tyler is a boy. They are my age and we are out of school. We are trying to convince our parents to let us move into a flat together. It's not working out so well. All three of us are the bestest of friends though. I've had many boyfriends in my life. Even one of them was Tyler, but that didn't work out too well. We made up and we are still best friends. I actually have a boyfriend at the moment. Kinda. . . I was hired to date Harry Styles.


The Wrong Twin:

Two twins named Holly and Molly meet One Direction. But Molly isn't nice. She's the evil one and Holly's the nice one. Wheat happens when Holly's favorite, Harry Styles falls for Molly? Will he ever see through Molly's fake smiles and fake acting like she likes him or will his heart be crushed? Read to find out.


Life on Tour:

Fans, Paparazzi, money, and the stage are the only words I can describe how India Jane felt when she became famous.


Weekly Cover Contest:

Hey everybody! It's Gabby and this movella will be awarding great cover makers. You may not realize this but covers make the movella more interesting. So join me in voting for great books. Read the first chapter for more information.


Movellas Apartment Center:

Welcome to Movellas Apartment Center (or MAC for short) This is where you can request a room and I'll do the rest! Read the first chapter to find out more.


The Stypayhorliksonherwinfordood Family:

The Stypayhorliksonherwinfordood Family? Yes that's the name of a very big family. Eleanor and Louis got married and had some kids but Eleanor didn't want to stop there so they ended up with 18 girls. Did Louis like that he had no boys? No not one bit but he loved Eleanor so much he didn't care. I know what you're thinking. Why isn't their last name Tomlinson? Well the management didn't want the fans to find out. Read to find out the names of the girls and the fun adventures they will have. *Copyrighted*


So those are some previews of her amazing stories! You can go read or participate in them on her page, Princess G. You won't regret it.


Overall, Gabby is an amazing writer and she deserves the very best in her career! She has an amzing future not only on Movellas, but in the world as an adult too!


I love you Gabby and I wish you much luck in everything you do! Congratulations on everything, including one astonishing year!


Love, Cammy

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