Movellas Anniversaries

This is a book for my dear friends here on my Movellas. When they celebrate their anniversaries, I will dedicate a chapter to them telling people all they have accomplished. Please do not request these, they will only be given to my friends that I prefer to give them to. I hope you guys enjoy celebrating and learning more about this Movellians.


1. jojomloves1d

Dear Jojo,



Jojo joined on April 24th, 2013. She has MANY hit stories including: Her name is Darcy... she's your daughter, The Pregnancy Project, Dear Darcy, and A LOT more!!

She has an astonishing 275 fans and they all love her as one of the best people on this site. I've known Jojo for a long time and I've watched her blossom beautifully on this site. She has gone so far and every one of her stories is unique, interesting, and popular.

Everyone who knows Jojo loves her more than anything. She's a hard worker and she's really fun to collab and work with.


Her name is Darcy... she's your daughter:

This amazing story is the life of Darcy. Her dad just happens to be the Harry Styles of One Direction. Read to find out what will happen in Darcy's life under her dad's spotlight. It is also completed and does have a sequel that is published!


The Pregnancy Project:

Every year boys get assigned with girls who are pregnant and must spend a week with them. Once the week is over, what will happen with the boy and girl? What happens when Harry Styles is assigned this project? This story is also finished and has a sequel.


Dear Darcy:

What will happen when Darcy knows who her dad is when she shouldn't yet? What will her mom say? Read to find out in one of my favorites, Dear Darcy.


All of these sound amazing, right?! Go like and favorite any (or all!) that sound interesting to you!


Overall, Jojo is an amazing Movellist and she has a very bright future on and off of this website!

I love you Jojo and I wish you much luck in the future! Congrats on 1 year! <3 :)


Love, Cammy

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