Bestfriends Brother(harrystyles fan-fic)

I'm Darcy, I'm 19,my best friend is Gemma Styles yes the sister of The HARRY STYLES!! We'll 1d r on a break right now so Harry's always home and I see him everyday!! Tonight I'm staying at Gemma's !! We play truth or dare !! Wat happens wen Darcy has to kiss Harry in truth or dare will they fall for each other or will they just stay friends??

Hope you enjoy!! ������


2. The SleepOver!!!😃

Gemma's P.O.V

OMG!!! Thanks mum I'll go text and ask her now!!

(G=Gemma D=Darcy)

G=Hey Darcy!

D=Hey Gemma wats up??

G= Do you want to stay over at mine tonight??

D= Yeah of course😄 I would love too!! Wat time?

G= Yay!!😃around 9pm is that okay?

D=Yeah!! Can't wait see ya soon!!😃

Darcy's P.O.V

Yeah!! "Can't wait see ya soon!! 😃" I said to Gemma !! It's like 7pm so I get a nice tank top and skinny jeans and my PJS woop woop and put them in a bag along with the rest of the stuff I need!! After I go down stairs to have dinner!! Once dinner is over and we all talked it was 8:40pm I left to walk to Gemma because it's around a 10-15 minute walk!!

When I arrive at Gemma's I knock on the door and Harry answers!! "Hey Darcy come in" !! He said with that sexy smile of his. "Oh hey Harry!!" I said while walking in.Next thing I know is Gemma jumping on my back saying well more like SCREAMING Hey!! So after that we walk up to her room which is right next to Harry's. "So what movie do you want to watch?" Gemma said! "Mm let's watch The Notebook!!" I said ."Yay I love that movie!" She said!!

When the movie was over and we were crying with tears of happiness and sadness!! Gemma said "let's play truth or dare!!" "Sure!!" I said.. "I'm going first "I said!! "Okay!!"She said!!"Okay hmm truth or dare?" I ask!! "Dare!"She said !! "Okay hmm I dare you to text Liam Payne and say I love you so much can we go out some time!!" Fine!!" She said!!

Okay it's my turn! I said!! Truth or dare?she said!! dare!! I said!!! Okay I dare you to run into Harrys room and tell him how much you love him and then lift your top up so he can see your bra!!mmh Okay fine !!! I said and with that I ran into Harry's room and said how much I love him and showed him my bra and legged it back!! I'm glad that's over!!

Harry's P.O.V

So I was just looking around my room when suddenly Darcy came in and said how much she loved me and them lifted up her top so I could see her bra but while she was doing that she mouthed "I'm so Sorry"!! Then she left!!

I really like Darcy but I'm afraid that...that she doesn't like that way!! I just love her smile and her dimples and her bluey greeny eyes and her really long dark brown hair and her voice is so sweet and calming I've known her since we were all like 3 years old!!! And I dont want to ruin our friendship so you know what I'll go in and ask her what that was all about since Gemma just went to get so food!!

Darcy P.O.V

I heard the door open and it was Harry!! "Hey" I said "hey about early what was that about? "Oh soz we were playing Truth or Dare you can play if you like?I said ! "Mm sure I would love to play" he said! And just then Gemma came in with some food. "Okay harry you go first " I said !! " okay Gemma truth or dare? He said !" Mm dare" she said!! "Okay I dare you to call the most ugliest person in your contacts!! He said "okay I pick Robbie " she said and wit that she called him and he was like OMG your Gemma styles.

Harry's P.O.V

Okay Darcy it's your turn !! I said " mm harry truth or dare?? She said!! "Mm dare! I said "okay I dare you to text the prettiest person on your contacts and say how much you love them! Darcy said " okay so I texted a girl but ye don't know who!! Then suddenly Darcy got a text it said: hey Darcy I love you so much xxxx ~H.S

Darcy P.O.V

Suddenly I got a text from harry so I read it it said: hey Darcy I love you so much xxxx~H.S

I was...I was shocked!! 🙊🙊 then I said " harry I'm not the prettiest girl in your contacts!! And he said " yes you are and by far!! I just smiled and gazed into his Emerald eyes !! And then he crashed his lips onto mine😘😘lol.....#dare.....#dare....

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