Bestfriends Brother(harrystyles fan-fic)

I'm Darcy, I'm 19,my best friend is Gemma Styles yes the sister of The HARRY STYLES!! We'll 1d r on a break right now so Harry's always home and I see him everyday!! Tonight I'm staying at Gemma's !! We play truth or dare !! Wat happens wen Darcy has to kiss Harry in truth or dare will they fall for each other or will they just stay friends??

Hope you enjoy!! ������


4. that moment!!!✌️

Gemma's P.O.V

I woke up and I saw Darcy snuggled up with Harry on my couch the look so cute!! So I took a picture and posted it on Instagram and twitter #so#cute#aww# 😘 I could not stop laughing !!!

Darcy's P.O.V

I woke up with strong arms around my waist I turned to see Harry.. He looks so cute when he's sleeping the suddenly Harry says take a picture it last longer!! I could not stop blushing ☺️☺️ then I heard Gemma laughing and I asked her why is she laughing so much??😂😂

Harry's P.O.V

I woke and saw Darcy's beautiful face she stared to move so I pretended to be asleep!! She started to look and me and smile ohh those dimples then I said take a picture it lasts longer !! She just blushed!! Then I hears laughing and I asked Gemma why was she laughing so much?? Gemma said" look at your twitter and Instagram accounts so I looked at my twitter and Darcy looked at her Instagram then there I saw a picture of me and Darcy asleep with each with the caption #so#cute#😘😘 I stared to blush mad! And so did Darcy!!

Darcy's P.O.V

I started to blush like MAD!!☺️☺️ and so did Harry!! Suddenly Harry leaned in and whispered in my ear " will you go out with me tonight like on a date" he said ! I whispered back I would love to!! And he just smiled!!

Harry's P.O.V

So she agreed to go out on a date with me yay!!😄😄 I have to make this the BEST DATE EVER so we will go and have a picnic on the beach and watch the sun-set then I will pick her up and run into the water and kiss her and ask her to be my girlfriend!! Please say it works !! Xx

Darcy's P.O.V

So I got ready for my date with Harry!! I had a shower and left the hot water flow all over my body. When I was done I dried my hair and but it in a messy bun then I put on a bikini and shorts in with a tank top that says "Summer Love" I put a small bit of make up on and I was ready just in time because Harry was calling me!

Harry's P.O.V

I was just calling her when she came out the door she looked so beautiful . Her eyes sparkled as she walked towards me! Ready"I said " ya" she said . The lads got all the stuff ready so when I got a texted from Louis I got her right away! "So where are we going? She asked " it's a surprise " I said " Harry you know I hate suprises" she said " I know but your going to love this one I promise " I said ...

Darcy's P.O.V

So it's a suprize where we're going I can't wait even do I HATE suprizes!! So we got in the car it was like 7:30pm it took harry a 30 mins to bring us where we"re going so !! When we arrived there harry let me open my eyes there in front of me was a candle lit picnic on the beach !! "So do you like it?" Harry asked " no I don't like" I said he looked really sad after that "I LOVE it " a big smile appeared on his face with his dimples it was super Cute !!! " can I tell you something? " harry asked " of course you can tell me anything '" the minute I first saw you I fell in love you and I never felt this way when I was with other people you make me feel so good and the thing I LOVE YOU!! Harry said it brought a test to my eyes a happy tear " I love you too" I say "really you do ?" He said "Harry the first time I saw you I could never stop thing about you I have loved you for a long time but I did t want to ruin our friendship so I only told Gemma !! I have loved you since the moment I saw you Harry I love you!!" Was all I managed to say before he crashed his lips onto mine I felt sparks fly everywhere ! He whispered in my ear " Darcy I have love you since day one will you please be my girlfriend??!!" " yes of course " I said ... Be picked me up and ran into the water with me I screamed but he did t listen next minute he dropped me out of his hands and into the water I swear the minute I get out that boy is DEAD!! I said

What do you think so far??

Should I continue or should I scrap??

Sorry for the short chapter

If you want to be louis or Zayn's girlfriend please leave your name and wat u look like in the comments please!!

Hope ye enjoy and I hope I will continue it !! Biiiii biiiiiiiiii 😄😄😝😝😆😂

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