(1) Marvin Meerkat Travels: Ferocious Farmland

Marvin Meerkat has began his travels in the Kalahari Desert. After leaving his beloved hole in the sand, he finds himself faced with a massive farmland in the middle of nowhere. In order to continue on his way, he must face curious chickens, dangerous farm dogs, horendous horses, devious ducks, cowardly cows, sheepish sheep, terrifying turkeys, and worst of all, a balistic bull. To make matters worse, Marvin is up against a 6 foot tall agressive farmer who is a little too trigger happy when it comes to small furry critters found in his chicken coop. Will Marvin dodge a bullet, avoid the rodent crushing stampede, escape the peckings, and all the beatings? Join Marvin Meerkat on his first journey to find out.


2. When Marvin First Set Eyes On Adventure

Marvin lowered back down to his feet, and began looking from side to side, in order to decide which way to turn. Should he go left, or shouls he go right? It took him a while to decide the route of his destiny. He eventually decided to go right, because in his little mind it felt right to him. He slowly toddled along on his tiny feet, leaving tracks and a tail mark in the sand, as his tail dragged on behind him. He walked on for what it seemed like miles. All the eye could see was sand, and more sand. Marvin soon enough became sick and tired of constantly wandering in the sandy desrrt. He collapsed with exaustion, and began panting heavily. He would have rested a while, if it wasn't for a dark winged shadow flying overhead.Marvin looked up, and to his horror, he was suddenly surprised by the loud screeching of a massive winged devil. It came at him fast with it's sharp talons stretched out. Marvin only just managed to scramble away from his near-death experience. He barked with terror struck in his eyes. He kept on running, as the hawk got closer and closer. He only just managed to delve into a spiky bush, as the hawk landed, and began aggressivly shrieking, and trying to peck at Marvin through the branches. Marvins heart beat was at double speed until the hawk finally decided to give up, and retrest to the skies.


Marvin slowly emerged from his hiding place, and stood on his hind feet to survey the area. He sniffed the air nervously, and ever so slowly continued his journey. He was pretty shook up from his first expreience alone in the wilderness. But he was still deturmined to discover new things, no matterhow dangerous the journey may be. Marvin began to feel a little pekish, so he stopped for a quick snack. He remained perfectly quiet, as he listening carefully for the scurrying and scratching of creatures below the sand. He heart something bigger than a beetle scuttling beneath the sand. Marvin began madly digging into the sand with his front paws. Kicking sand out between his back legs, into the cool breeze. As sand flew everywhere, Marvin got closer to the scratching sound. He had found a scorpion. It took a lot of skill to stop the scorpion from re-burying itself, and in order to prevent gutting stung, leading to his evetual death. He used all his stealth to get to the side of the scorpion, so he could attack the tail. He acted quickly, as he plunged at the scorpion, nawing the tail off, leaving the sting sprawled on the sandy floor. The scorpion tried to scurry away, now defencless. But Marvin was far too quick for the scorpion, as he snapped his aggressive jaws around it's hard shell-like back with a loud crunch. Marvin would not go hungry tonight, unlucky for the large brown scorpion.

Marvin was full up, and well rested, so he continued his long walk to seek out civilization. He travelled a long way, before he heard weird sounds he had never heard before in the distance. He heard things mooing, something bleeting, constant clucking, noisy quacking, and aggressive barking. Marvin cocked his head to one side in order to hear better. He was intrigued by all the new sounds he had just heard. So he began to wander his way towards where all the strange noises were coming from. He didn't have to walk too far until he saw something strangly wonderful he had never seen before.

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