(1) Marvin Meerkat Travels: Ferocious Farmland

Marvin Meerkat has began his travels in the Kalahari Desert. After leaving his beloved hole in the sand, he finds himself faced with a massive farmland in the middle of nowhere. In order to continue on his way, he must face curious chickens, dangerous farm dogs, horendous horses, devious ducks, cowardly cows, sheepish sheep, terrifying turkeys, and worst of all, a balistic bull. To make matters worse, Marvin is up against a 6 foot tall agressive farmer who is a little too trigger happy when it comes to small furry critters found in his chicken coop. Will Marvin dodge a bullet, avoid the rodent crushing stampede, escape the peckings, and all the beatings? Join Marvin Meerkat on his first journey to find out.


3. Surveying The Area

Marvin looked on in amazement at what place he had just discovered. It was a little farm. The crops were scorched in places, the grass was brown here and there, some of the buildings had weather damage, and the farm was full of all different animals all shapes and sizes. There was many fences, separated different types of animal from one another. Marvin could see a field of fluffy white clouds grazing. Smaller clouds were skipping around playfully, and bleeting with joy. Marvin said slightly confused "I thought clouds lived up above in the sky". He had never seen a sheep before you can probably tell. Marvin then looked at anothwr field full of larger four legged creatures with horns on the top of their heads. Some were white with black splodges, and others were brown with white splodges. There was a completly brown creature slightly bigger in stature, with massive horns. Marvin cocked his head with interest as he noticed a coop full of round birds, and small yellow splodges moving around in the distance. He saw a couple creatures with long tails barking, and play fighting with eack other. He saw them chasing birds with rounded beaks as they quacked frantically in order to escape the chase. This is when Marvin set eyes on a large pond full of fresh clear water. Marvin couldn't help himself as he made a run for the water source. He was so thirsty as he lapped at the ponds surface vigorously. He had to drink loads in order to quench his thirst.


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