(1) Marvin Meerkat Travels: Ferocious Farmland

Marvin Meerkat has began his travels in the Kalahari Desert. After leaving his beloved hole in the sand, he finds himself faced with a massive farmland in the middle of nowhere. In order to continue on his way, he must face curious chickens, dangerous farm dogs, horendous horses, devious ducks, cowardly cows, sheepish sheep, terrifying turkeys, and worst of all, a balistic bull. To make matters worse, Marvin is up against a 6 foot tall agressive farmer who is a little too trigger happy when it comes to small furry critters found in his chicken coop. Will Marvin dodge a bullet, avoid the rodent crushing stampede, escape the peckings, and all the beatings? Join Marvin Meerkat on his first journey to find out.


1. Marvin Meerkat's Travels Begin

A journey begins at home. The travel will take you away from where you have learned to know and love so well. Marvin starts his journey in a dark hole, within the sand, beneath the Kalahari Desert. He is a Meerkat, who is sick and tired of eating black beetles, digging for food, foraging for water sypply, and avoid hawk eyes. He begins to feel cramped with so many Meerkats bossing him around. He is always getting things wrong, and risking the future of his family. Eventually the boss of the group turned on Marvin. It was an almighty scrap. Fur went flying, tails flicked all over the place, and the screeching was horendous. All the other Meerkats barked for their boss to win. Marvin came out of the fight pretty badly wounded. A slice across his face, and an open wound on his left side. He backed away into the bushes as the boss Meerkat said menacingly "and never come back". All the Meerkats Marvin once loved and thought the world of cheered for their boss, and worst of all to add to his aching heart, nobody came after him. Not even his mate. His own children decided to just let their father go to his death.


Marvin took a while to recover. He weakly fumbled across the sand to find a safe place to build a new burrow. He went underneath a bush, and began digging slowly to make a shallow hole. He then collapsed into the hole, and passed out with exaustion. When he awoke from his deep lonesome sleep, he looked around hoping it was all merly a dream. He began to cry as he realized all the pain and suffering was his dark reality. He skulked sorrowfully out of his burrow, and slowly raised to his feet to survey his surroundings beyond the cover of his dead bush. He suddenly had a perk of adventure fill his broken little heart. He had the urge for adventure. He had always been one for exploring, and discovering new things. That is why he was the best foreger, even if he didn't enjoy it. From that day deturmination struck his mind, and he was sure he would travel many miles, see new places, discover strange objects, and make new friends.


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