(1) Marvin Meerkat Travels: Ferocious Farmland

Marvin Meerkat has began his travels in the Kalahari Desert. After leaving his beloved hole in the sand, he finds himself faced with a massive farmland in the middle of nowhere. In order to continue on his way, he must face curious chickens, dangerous farm dogs, horendous horses, devious ducks, cowardly cows, sheepish sheep, terrifying turkeys, and worst of all, a balistic bull. To make matters worse, Marvin is up against a 6 foot tall agressive farmer who is a little too trigger happy when it comes to small furry critters found in his chicken coop. Will Marvin dodge a bullet, avoid the rodent crushing stampede, escape the peckings, and all the beatings? Join Marvin Meerkat on his first journey to find out.


4. Ducks Are So Devious

Marvin slowly looks up from where he is drinking, to see a tiny fluffy brown thing floating on the waters surface. Marvin watched the little duckling with facination, as he stared hard trying to work out what it was. He watched it for a while, moving his head from side to side to try and make sense of it, before looking down at the water once more. He now became interested in his reflection on the waters surface. He suddenly saw another figure join his reflection in the water. Marvin looked up into the menacing beady black eyes of a large angry mother duck. She quacked loudly and aggressibly in Marvins face,causing him to squeal and leap backwards in shock. He turned to run, and once again came face to face with another duck. This time it was the father of the duckling on the water. He quacked crossly at Marvin as he scrambled to his feet. The drake sounded the alarm as Marvin backed away when he noticed more ducks leaving the pond to stick up for the other ducks. Marvin had to run for his life as the snapping of beaks just missed closing down on his long tail. He just got away from being bombarded by dozens of devious ducks. Marvin scrambled under a fence to get away. As Marvin turned to look back at the ducks from a safe distance, he thought they were laughing at him as they quacked with victory.


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