Oblivion (+16)

My head hurt and my eyes were too red. I couldn't help but wonder what my life would've been, could've been, if I hadn't met Harry. I don't like him. He's the kind of person they tell naïve girls like me to stay away from. I'm stupid and helpless. I have no one to run to, and the sad part is knowing that I have no one to blame, but myself. I got myself into this mess, and now all that's left is, oblivion.


6. six.

It’s Friday and my day is quite busy, for once. I really hope I get this job. I just have to prove to them that I’m more than just an 18 year old clueless girl. My manners and intellectual speaking are beginning to kick in and I feel confident. I jump out of the shower and blow dry my hair. Random girls from the dorms smile at me as they continue to get ready for their Friday. My goal is to look professional, but not look like I’m trying too hard. I curl my hair and it cascades down my back in eloquent waves. I’ve always liked my hair. Maybe it’s my best feature about me. I apply light pink eye shadow upon my eyelid and blend it in with a nude brown. My makeup routine is pretty simple with a very subtle line of eyeliner only visible when looked at up close. I outline my waterline lightly and stroke through my curled eyelashes with a shaped mascara brush. I decide to paint my lips with a light pink shade of lipstick. It matches my shirt perfectly, which is a loose-fitting crop top with tiny flowers covering it as a pattern. I decide to wear a white pencil skirt that hugs around my waist. I take out my new white heels that I bought a couple days back. I smile at my reflection and tell myself a confidence boosting lecture. My bracelets jingle as I finger comb my hair. I exhale and smooth out my skirt. Okay Lana, let’s do this.

Kendall was not in the dorm and I figured she went partying after the movie with Zayn. I picked up my purse and phone as I walked out the door. I gave the address to the taxi driver and tried to relax as he drove to Styles Publishing Co. I had already texted Mother that I was leaving and she wished me good luck. I glanced at the time in the car and I still had 10 minutes. The taxi driver stopped in front of a very tall building. I gaped at it in surprise. It was mostly made out of glass and I felt my stomach flip. I stepped out of the car before paying the driver and thanking him. The doors were glass with handles on the side. In frosted letters read ‘Styles Publishing Co.’ and next to it was their logo, a picture of a pen scribbling a line. I tried to calm my nerves before walking in but I had no such luck. ‘You can do this’. I repeated this mantra in my head as I pulled the door open. I was immediately greeted by a front office woman. She was typing on her computer and glanced up at me. The room was big with white immaculate walls. I felt intimidated already. I stood gawking at my surroundings.

“Hi, can I help you?” The woman asked me. She had beautiful long brown hair like me.

“Uh yes. I’m here for an interview?” I questioned rather than stated.

“Oh yes. Take a seat in the waiting room to your right. Would you like a drink, water? Coffee?” She asks me

“Oh. No, thank you.” I smile at her. She nods and returns back to her work. I walk into the waiting room and take a seat. The chairs were dark black and clashed with the white, I thought. I waited patiently and fidgeted with my hands. Another lady walks in and escorts me to Mr. Styles office. She tells me to wait as she walks into his office. I stand behind her and glimpse at the inside when she opens the door. There’s a man with a black suit on. He’s tall and has a slight beard growing. My eyes trail to the man he’s talking to. It’s him. It’s Harry and he’s dressed in a brown plaid flannel shirt. His chest tattoos are revealed and my mouth goes dry. Why is he here? The man with the suit, who I’m guessing is Mr. Styles holds up a hand to the assistant and continues to talk to Harry. I watch intently in the back. Their voices are harsh tones.

“Look Harry, I’m tired of you parading in here and arguing with me. Your Mother is fed up with your rebelling and I can tell you now that I won’t have it either. You’re not going back to your life back home. You better learn to suck it up and deal with it.” He scolds Harry, his accent slightly less thick. I feel my face pale. Harry chuckles lightly with a devilish grin and runs his hands through his hair.

“Yeah well, if I’d have known she’d send me back with you to this hell of a place, I would've cleaned up my act. I’d rather be with her than you.” He spits back and I flinch at his words. He turns and catches my eyes. His eyes are dark and his fists are balled up. I feel my cheeks heat and he walks straight passed me blowing a slight breeze to my face. I inhale his scent and my knees go weak as I look down.

“So sorry to interrupt Mr. Styles. You had an interview for Ms. Taylor” The assistant explains, I can hear the embarrassment in her voice.

“No, that’s alright. Come in.” He says taking a seat behind his desk. She gestures towards the doorway and I walk in, taking a seat in the chair opposite of him. The assistant leaves, closing the door on her way out. She’s probably glad to be out of here. Mr. Styles fixes some papers and separates them into piles while I sit there gazing. His features are a lot like Harry’s and his eyes were mesmerizing.

“I greatly apologize for my son. He can be very hard to deal with sometimes” He says writing something down

“That’s alright, Mr. Styles. I’ve actually run into him a couple of times” I smile

“Have you?” He asks. Shit I shouldn’t have mentioned that.

“Yes, he was very adamant about things.” I say. Stop talking, Lana. Fuck.

“That’s Harry for you.” He half smiles at me, “So Lana you want to work for me?”

“It would be an honor, sir” I grin.

“Well have you any experience?” He interrogates

"I took some summer courses back home in high school. I’ve adored Literature since I was 10. I love reading and taking apart old works of writing. It’s quite peculiar because most people loathe writing essays for classes, but I find entertainment in them.” He nods and smiles a smile that doesn’t reach his lips.

“Well I was looking for an intern, I’m just not sure about your lack of experience.” He says running his fingers on his chin

“I fully understand, Mr. Styles. But please keep in mind that I am majoring in Creative Writing and I’m taking courses to help improve my skills. I know that choosing me to work as an intern for you is a big risk, but isn’t that what life is about? Taking risks? I’m sure you took a risk moving here to New York to start your business. I’m a risk taker, Mr. Styles. I know that sometimes that’s a bad thing, especially in such a big place like NYC but I promise you I won’t let you down, from one risk taker to another.” I give him a small smile. He chuckles softly, looking down then back up.

“You sure know how to convince a man, Ms. Taylor. You have charisma, my favorite feature in people. I’m going to take a chance on you, Ms. Taylor. Don’t let me down.” He says and holds out his hand for me to shake it. I grin brightly and shake it.

“I won’t, I promise. Thank you, you won’t regret this.”

“I hope not, you start next week. Be in by 2 in the afternoon. I’ll have some of my assistants show you around. I have a class to teach on Monday, so I’ll be in about the same time.”

“Oh, you’re the new Literature teacher?” I ask

“Yes, why?” He says cocking his head to the side.

“I’m taking that class”

“Well then, I guess I’ll see you on Monday, Ms. Taylor” He nods and escorts me out with another hand shake.

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