Oblivion (+16)

My head hurt and my eyes were too red. I couldn't help but wonder what my life would've been, could've been, if I hadn't met Harry. I don't like him. He's the kind of person they tell naïve girls like me to stay away from. I'm stupid and helpless. I have no one to run to, and the sad part is knowing that I have no one to blame, but myself. I got myself into this mess, and now all that's left is, oblivion.


7. seven.

     This campus never ceases to amaze me with how vast it is. It’s like I’ll never stop discovering things around here. I’m ready for my first day of college and I’m ready to walk into my English class and nod at Mr. Styles. It’s still sort of odd that he’s Harry’s dad, but I have no reason to care. I’m dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a faded blue shirt. My hair is tied back and I enter into the classroom with confidence. The room is very large with a long white and chalk board and a projector screen. The back wall is lined with chairs on steps and I take a seat on the second row. Students begin to pile in by the dozens but only one person catches my eyes. He’s carrying books under his arm and fingers tap on his phone. I pretend to be occupied with my notebook and look away. I can feel his gaze burning into me and I shift uncomfortably. The chair beside me creaks as someone sits in it. I lightly turn my head and Harry’s sitting to the left of me. I sigh and pull out my laptop. Mr. Styles walks into the room and sits down behind his desk. I clear my throat as the class waits for him to begin.

     He assigns each of us a book that we can borrow until we buy our own and I couldn’t hear what page number we needed to turn to. I tried to look closely at the page numbers of other books but it was too far away and I eventually gave up. I really didn’t want to ask anyone what the page number was. His lesson was beginning and I didn’t understand. There were no pictures in the book for me to glimpse at to find the page number and I put my head in my hands. A hand slides over to my desk and when it’s removed a folded paper is left. I look at Harry and he ignores me. I quickly unfold the paper, my thumbs fumbling with the corners. It read in black ink ‘page #96 paragraph 3’. Harry’s handwriting was delicate, I’ve always had sloppy handwriting, but his was as smooth as his lips looked. Ugh, no stop. I roll my eyes at myself and scribble ‘thanks’ on the back. My hand reaches across his table and lingers for awhile. His fingers glide on my clear nails and I draw my hand back abruptly. I turn my attention back to Mr. Styles’ lecture on his requirements for the year, and the chapters and subjects we will cover or review. I can still feel Harrys touch on my skin and I try my best to not get distracted. He’s not as bad as I thought. Maybe we can be friends. A bell rings and people start to cram their things in their bags and take off.

“I’ll discuss homework tomorrow. Have a nice day” Mr. Styles says as people walk out of the classroom.

I slide my pencil into my notebook and walk towards Mr. Styles. He looks up at me and smiles.

“Lana, hi. I have a meeting to attend right now, so I’ll see you at work in a bit. Would you care for a ride?” He asks me shutting down the projector.

“Oh, no that’s alright. You seem awfully busy.” I reply my arms clutching my book bags.

“Well, I am, Ms. Taylor but I was referring to my son giving you a ride. I’m sure he has the decency to do that.” My cheeks heat and take a step back

“Oh. Will he be alright with that? I really don’t want to interfere with his plans.”

“Don’t be silly. Harry was headed over there for me anyways. Plus it’s not like he’s doing anything else productive.” He says with a straight face. My eyes widen slightly.

“Okay then, um sure. I’d really appreciate that.” I say nodding my head

“Great. He should be coming around right now, said he needed to talk to someone?” Mr. Styles asks, as if I know anything other than Harry’s name. I shrug in response. A minute passes and the sound of footsteps approaches. Mr. Style’s is already done with packing his things and is about to take off before Harry walks in the room and immediately darts his eyes at me.

“Harry, I’m going to need you to take Lana to the office with you.” Mr. Styles instructs. Harry scoffs in response and Mr. Styles gives him a warning stare

“Alright then come on” He says to, I’m guessing, me in a crisp and harsh tone.

“Be nice, Harry” His dad warns. I look back at him as I follow Harry out the door. He’s walking ridiculously fast and I struggle to keep up with him. My books weigh down on my arms as I skip towards Harry. I stop in frustration.

“Hey! Do you mind slowing down?” I call to him. He turns to me and takes a few steps in my direction.

“I’m not one to ‘slow down’, Lana” He says, his eyes narrow. I groan and jog over to him and try to keep the same pace as Harry. He turns a corner and we stop at a curb, waiting for traffic to slow in order for us to cross. I glance to my left and there were no more cars zooming by. I step onto the pavement and take a couple of steps. The tendrils of hair peaking from my ponytail blow in the wind and I look forward as I begin to walk across the street. The sounds of car horns invade my hearing and my mind wanders. I feel a tight grip on my left arm and my neck shoots forward abruptly as I am pulled back.

“Fuck, Lana” I hear Harry curse as I trip over my feet and almost land on my hands and knees. I make a groan in pain as Harry’s arms hold me up. I squirm out of his grip and regain my equilibrium. I look at Harry, who stares back at me, his eyebrows pulled together in anger? I’m out of breath and people walk around us as we stand there.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you blind?” Harry curses at me.

“I-I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention to the traffic.” I say rubbing my head.

“Yeah clearly. Fuck, you could’ve gotten hurt!” He says running his hands through his hair. Anger boils through me.

“Oh here we go again with the ‘clearly’ thing! Maybe if you hadn’t been in such a damn rush to get to your car, I wouldn’t have been so eager to get away from you!” I yell back. People begin to stare but I ignore the glances.

“God you’re so ridiculous! The fact that I’m kind enough to give you a ride should be enough for you to be grateful and nice

“You are the last person who should be talking about being nice and grateful! Some of us actually worked to get into this college! And I never asked for a ride, your Dad offered and I didn’t want to turn him down.” I spit back at him. He takes a deep breath and his fingers tug at his curly hair. He begins to walk across the street and I follow behind him. We walk into the parking lot and he digs in his pockets, pulling out his keys. He unlocks his car and it sounds with a beep. Harry’s car is a black and a shiny sedan and I stand with my arms folded outside of the passenger side. Harry open his door and glares at me.

“Get in the car.” He commands me

“No. Why should I?” I challenge

“Lana, get in the damn car, now.” He says his eyes darkening

“I think I’ll just take a cab, Harry.” I say back

“So help me god, Lana if you don’t get into the car right now, I will walk over there and buckle you in myself. Get in.” He says through gritted teeth.

“Is that a threat Harry?”I say putting my hands on my hips.

“I’m going to count to five, Lana.”

“Go ahead, Harry” I say suppressing a smile

“One” He says holding up his long finger, “Two, three, four” He counts slowly walking around the car towards me. I walk the other way in response. He pauses and everything is silent. His teeth tug on his lower lip. “Five!” He says quickly, darting toward me. I scream and run the other way around the car. He stops at the front of the car and me at the back. He smirks at me and my eyes are wide. He slowly creeps to the left and I move also. He changes direction as fast as the speed of light and moves to the right. My shoes skid against the parking lot and I run once more. His hands grip my waist and he pushes me against the driver’s side window. Both of our breathing is ragged and we both laugh. Harry keeps his hands rested on my hips and I let my head fall back against the black car, in hopes of catching my breath. Harry pushes my hips more into the car and I feel his lips on my neck. He doesn’t kiss me, but instead just glides his lips on my neck. His breath is hot on my skin and I can feel goose bumps forming. I was right. His lips are soft and I make no move to stop him. He trails his lips up to my ear.

“Get in the car, Lana.” He whispers in my ear and I exhale and push him off. 


*It's midnight and I'm v emotional ugh. Enjoy*

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