Isabella has never been normal.
After her first encounter with a MoonWolf a fire started within her.
A fire of hate.
She spent her life training and killing she was ready to hunt all of the MoonWolfs that got in her way.
This all changes when she is bitten by one...


1. The Big Bad Wolf

Heat filled my blood as my chest pumped harder and harder.

I didn't dare make noise. It's brown fur covered with the blood of my family. I soon found myself facing the creature vicious crimson teeth. Suddenly i felt something i had never felt before it was like a spark, a spark of hate. I loved it. the jolt of adreneline drove from my head to my toes i grabbed the creme coloured lamp that sat on what was my familIes dining table. I ripped the cord out straight from the wall as fast as i could then i whipped the handle at the beasts face. whimpering it backed up. I knew that there was only one way out. kill or be killed. Thinking fast I smashed the light bulb a bolt shook my arm pain took over my body but not my mind. The sharp edge of the bulb found it's way into the beasts neck.

One last growl let loose as the life left it's eyes then it all went black.


I woke up to my own scream. i had the dream again. it was worse every time sharing just a little more detail. Sweat drenched my hands making the whole experience more real. I searched under my pillow for my knife. Feeling the cold metal i was a bit relieved. Ten years ago I was a helpless little girl without a clue and now I am wanted by all moonwolves. I alone have killed 237 of their kind. I am the most feared hunter. I am Red Riding Hood. 

Holding up my head I got a good view of my room it was covered in newspaper cuttings each had a red marker line that connected them. They were all clippings of so called "animal attacks" but I knew what killed them. Leaving my bedroom I headed to the small excuse for a bathroom looking up at the mirror my red haired blue eyed self looked back. Clean water surrounded my face as I turned my head to squeeze under the tap. Finally feeling awake I dried off and headed down the thin hall and took the first left into the kitchen. Reaching up i grasped a box of Cheerios. When I gathered the essential supplies for a bowl of cereal I sat down at the wood table. I seized one of the many unopened newspapers and started to look around.


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