Isabella has never been normal.
After her first encounter with a MoonWolf a fire started within her.
A fire of hate.
She spent her life training and killing she was ready to hunt all of the MoonWolfs that got in her way.
This all changes when she is bitten by one...


2. Ashwick Hollows

Woman attacked by coyote 

Authorities say her body was discovered

by Greg Cepley (41) at around 1:00pm.                              

The state of her body or at least what was 

last of it was covered in blood and bite marks.

Police have not found this animal but have 

reasons to believe its dangerous and all the

people in the small town of Ashwick Hollows

are to stay inside their houses until the animal is

captured or until further notice.



I quickly cut out the image and article the beasts were starting to attack my home town. There have been a few attacks but none like this. They have been after her a while because she is also a hunter. She was my partner Lissa kal and now she is dead.

This means there is another wolf to kill I thought they were all dead. Have they been hiding? I snatched my coat and threw it on I had a wolf to kill.

Silver bullets check silver knives check. I was ready. With all the supplies I flew out the door.


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