" Luke please, I'm sorry it was a mistake, I-I was drunk and confused, I never meant to hurt you like that"

He ran frustrated fingers through his hair as he continued to walk away.

" Luke please!....please"


9. 9

Eventually we pulled up to a house about the size of mine. it was painted a light blue color with white windows and a white deck, with a small swing that only looked as if it could fit two people.

"we're here!!"

Luke chirped, jumping out of the car and opening my door to pull me out with him.

"Luke calm down"
i giggled as he pulled toward the front door excitedly.

"No! you need to hurry up"

He said trying to tug inside while i dug my heals into driveway to prevent him from running.

All i could was laugh as i looked back at Micheal giving him a help-me look. he simply shook his head and smirked at me as i struggled.

I huffed and finally gave up as Luke gave one last pull on my hand, and i went stumbling forward, luckily catching myself before i crashed into Luke's chest.

he smiled, looking down at me.

"you okay?"

i blew out puff of air and nodded


Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, immediately leading me up a flight of white stairs, Micheal fallowing not too far behind us.

when we got to the top he slowed down, walking me down a short hall with light green wall paper.

there was one door on the left side and two doors on the right side of the hall.

Luke looks back and smiles.

"this one's my room"

He leads me into the room on the left of the hall.

Walking in i see a blue bed, and a dresser, what catches my eye while looking around is a large drum set at the end of the room, fallowed by guitars and basses leaned against the wall with four microphones set up.


was all that came out.

He chuckled,as well as Micheal.

'Did you think i was kidding when i said we were in  a band?"

he asked

"a little"

i said while smiling.

Luke playfully rolled his eyes at me.

"we have practice after school everyday"

Micheal said, walking over and picking up a guitar.

I don't know why but i made me smile.

He played a little until he suddenly stopped.

"where are the other guys anyway?"

Micheal questioned looking over to Luke.

" i don't know, let me call them'

Luke pulled his hand away from mine as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

i felt the heat instantly sweep over my cheeks realizing how long we were holding hands.

Luke began to call whoever when i heard him answer with:

'hey where are you?'

I looked up to Luke and over to Micheal, he caught my gaze and looked over to Luke as he started to wander out of the room.

Micheal then looked back over to me and Gestured for me to come over to him, so i did.

'you okay?"

he asked looking at me concerned

"im fine, why?"

" you seem a little.... off all of a sudden"


i asked, he nodded and put a hand on my forehead

'and a little warm, do you have a fever?"

i laughed

"no, i don't"

i pushed his hand away from me and he smiles

" you sure?"

a laughed again

"pretty sure"

just after Luke walks in.

"ok, so they decided that they wanted food so... we have to go meet them at the pizza place"

i laughed

"we just had lunch like an hour ago"

Luke rolls his eyes,

"i know but, they want pizza so...."

and he finished his sentence by gesturing to the door saying we had to go.

"Yaaaaaay Pizzzzzzza!!!!!" Micheal yells running out the door.

 i laughed and jogged up to the door where Luke was.

he surprised me by grabbing my hand again, my head turned to look at our hands then back up to Luke where our eyes met, and he had a giant smile, as he pulled me out to the car again.



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