" Luke please, I'm sorry it was a mistake, I-I was drunk and confused, I never meant to hurt you like that"

He ran frustrated fingers through his hair as he continued to walk away.

" Luke please!....please"


2. 2

*two months ago*

As always, the antagonizing ringing of my alarm clock rang In my ears. I groaned, sitting up and rubbing my tired eyes.

"Ebony, get up, it's time for school!"

My mom yelled from down the hall.

" yeah, I'm up"

I called back, standing and walking to my closet. I shuffled through the piles of clothes that were hung on hooks, or thrown onto the floor. Finally, my eyes landed on a pair of black tights fallowed with a big baggy jumper.

I yawned throwing them on and dragging myself to the bathroom. I brushed through my brown wavy hair. I quickly tied it up in a bun and painted on my eyeliner and mascara. Then pulled on socks and a pair of black combat boots.


I huffed to myself, grabbing my bag and phone as I jogged out the door.

" bye mom, I'm leaving, I love you" I yelled behind me as I closed the door, walking myself to school.

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