" Luke please, I'm sorry it was a mistake, I-I was drunk and confused, I never meant to hurt you like that"

He ran frustrated fingers through his hair as he continued to walk away.

" Luke please!....please"


15. 15

I woke up the next morning to the sight of fluffy blond hair cradled into my chest, hat on the floor.

I smiled wrapping my arms around him tighter.

" I told you it was gonna fall off stupid"

I whispered into his ear with slight giggle in my voice while playing with his hair, even though I know he's sleeping.

I kiss his forehead softly while continuing to play with his hair.

I hear the small beep of a phone alarm start to go off, and almost instantly hear the groan of Luke as he clung on to me tighter.

A smile spreads across my face as a slight flutter starts in the pit of my stomach.

" well good morning"

I giggle, playing with his hair as he fusses against my chest.

" to early"

He whines hiding deeper into my chest.

I let out another loud giggle, kissing the top of his head before squirming out of his tight grip.

" Nooooo"

Luke whines, reaching from me as I jump out of bed.


I chuckle, mocking him.

He pouts, sitting up and rubbing his eyes while I grab his phone off his dresser, turning off the alarm.

I spin around on my heal to face Luke again, just in time to watch him hold open his arms for me.

I smile, wasting no time jumping back into his grip, feeling him stuff him head into the crook of my neck.

I wrap my arms around him, kissing the side if his head and playing with his hair.

" you have to get ready"

I whisper to him.

I can feel the goose bumps run down his back as he shakes his head.


"Yes luke, we have school remember?"

" but I don't wanna go"

He whines with slight whimper in his voice.

I pouted at him as he looks at me with sad, sleepy puppy dog eyes.

"Luke you have to go"

He said nothing, instead pouted out his bottom lip some more.

I looked at him as his sad little gaze dug at my insides until I couldn't look at him anymore.

I threw a hand over my eyes and shook my head.

"Don't look at me like that Luke, you have to go"

"But Ebs "

He whines, pulling at the back of my shirt.

Well.... His shirt, but yeah.

" no, get ready"

I said firmly.

He whines again but thankfully gives in, if he didn't soon it would have been me.

He's too damn cute.

He picks me up and sets me down next to him on the bed before slowly pulling himself up and shuffling to his dresser.

With a little yawn he starts chucking clothes on to the bed.

My hands immediately were slapped over my eyes as Luke pulled off his shirt.

I could feel my cheeks heat up.

I hear him giggle out loudly.

"Come on, are you really that afraid of seeing me naked?"

I curled up in a tight ball with my face hidden away as I continue to burn a darker red.

"Awwww Ebs"

He laughs.

"Look at me love"

I shook my head and hear the bed squeak and sink in front of me.

Large hands grab onto mine as they're ripped from my face.

I jump slightly and squeezed my eyes shut as a topless Luke was displayed in front of me.

"Aw come on love, look at me"

He continued to annoy me as he constantly repeated the words 'look at me' every five seconds for a straight minute and a half.

Eventually I gave up and opened my eyes to see a bright smile from Luke.

"See, it's okay"

He assured me, rubbing the backs of my hands with his thumbs.

I slowed my breathing as I looked at his face, only his face I wouldn't let myself go beyond that.

If I did I knew I would blush and my heart would speed up all over again.

He giggles as he releases me, satisfied that my eyes were now open and I wasn't hiding and continued changing.

Though, as soon as he took off his pants I was back to hiding.

He groaned at me from the end of the bed.

"You're impossible"


I mumble as I hid a little deeper in my hands, I couldn't help it.

I guess I'm shy?

When he was finished dressing he told me I could look, and watched him as walked off into the bathroom.

"What are you doing?"

I questioned tilting my head to the side.


He states simply.

"Get dressed love, I'll walk you home so you can get ready okay?"


I reply, scrambling up and closing his bedroom door and getting myself dressed in my old clothes like he asked.


We finally came to my house and I told Luke to wait outside.

" my mom will kill you if she sees you, stay here okay?"

"Got it"

He smiles at me and pecks my cheek, causing me to blush wildly.

I put my head down so he couldn't see and slip quietly inside.

I tiptoed up the stairs and into my room as I did my morning stuff.

I had decided to wear high waisted black jeans and a white top with black poke-a- dots.

I was extremely pleased with myself as I walked out the front door, I didn't get caught.

As I flung the door open I saw Luke smiling down at me.

"Well, don't you look cute"

He smiled looking at my clothing, I hope.

I felt my cheek get red and I looked down to try and hid it.

"Thank you"

I mumble and look up slightly to see his hand out for me.

"Come on love"

He smiled, which made me smile as I took his hand.

He dragged me down the sidewalk, humming to himself as he swung my hand back and forth.

He did this all the way until we got to school.

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