" Luke please, I'm sorry it was a mistake, I-I was drunk and confused, I never meant to hurt you like that"

He ran frustrated fingers through his hair as he continued to walk away.

" Luke please!....please"


14. 14


I question looking at him like he had five heads.

"I want you to stay with me"

he whispers, i shake my head unsure as i sit up.

"I don't think so Luke"

He sits up next to me and looks down disappointed.


He whines slightly.

"I wont do anything to you, I wont hurt you, I just kind of want you stay, Just for tonight."

I look over to him as he stares at me with pleading eyes.

"I dont know, my mum wouldnt like it very much"


He begs again pouting out his bottom lip.

"well what about clothes luke?"

I said naming anything that i could think of that wouldnt work out.

Dont get me wrong I would love to stay over, but i am what most people call a 'goody goody' I dont drink, smoke, do drugs, Ive never slept with anyone and Ive only ever stayed over girls houses, luke being a boy doesnt really work as far as sleep overs.

"you can barrow my clothes to sleep in, and then i can walk you home early so you can get ready for school"

I blew out a large breath, because he was winning.

"Luke I...."


he yells one last time, cutting me off before I sigh.


I mumble feeling my heart immediately start to race with the realization that I would me sleeping in the same bed as luke.


he yells happily grabbing me and pulling me into his lap, making me laugh.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

he repeats over and over in to my ear.

I giggle pushing him away.

"yeah, yeah, you welcome"

I said fixing my hair that Luke messed up.

" So then what do you want do now?"

I ask, looking up at him as he bites his lip.


I laugh loudly as i was pushed down roughly onto lukes bed.

Were currently in the most intense pillow fight ever.

"Knock it off"

I giggle as he hits my stomach with his pillow.

I jump up onto my knees and hit his arm with the pillow.

he pushed me back down again, using his strength to his advantage.

"Stop it!"

I giggle scrabbling up to my knees again.

" Thats not fair!"

I yell still laughing.

He smiles widely at me, panting slightly.

"whats not fair?"

He smirks.

"that im big and your small?"

He chuckles.

"That im stronger than you?"

I pout at him with crossed arms.


he erupts into laughter falling on the bed next to me, laying on his back as he laughs.

I lay down with him, rolling over onto my stomach as i continuing to pout at him.

"its not funny"

I whine, wanting him to stop.

He continued laughing his contagious laugh until i finally broke and let a smile lace on my lips.

I crawled up to his stomach and aimlessly played with his hair until he finally stopped laughing.

"Why are you sitting on me?"

He asked, a bright smile on his pink lips.

I just shrugged, he chucked pushing me off of him, onto the cool mattress making me giggle.

"Well get off, I need a shower"

He says sitting up and going into the bathroom across the hall.

I pout sitting up.

"But im gonna get bored"

I yell to him from his bed.

he chuckles, walking out of the bathroom and back into his room with nothing but his boxers on and walked over to his dresser.

I bite my lip watching him go threw his clothes until he smiles tossing a shirt and a pair of clean boxers at me.

" That shirt doesn't have holes in it"

He smiles.

I pull up a large black, Kurt Cobain tank top in front of me and look at him.

"Why do your shirts have holes in them?"

He laughs loudly and shrugs.

"Dont ask me, they always get that way after the other guys wear them"

I nod, watching him walk back into the bathroom.

i Hear water starting and lukes head pops out of the doorway.

"I'll be out in a little, you get changed"

I nod


Luke smiles before closing the bathroom door and im assuming he went into the shower now.

I did as he said and quickly slid off my leggings, replacing them with lukes boxers as shorts.

And I took off my jumper, putting on the tank top.

I looked down at myself, his shirt hanging very loosely down to mid thigh, his boxers were barely even noticeable anymore.

I climbed onto his bed and played on my phone until luke finally came out, he takes really long showers.

Luke walked out with nothing but a towel on.

I instantly slapped my hands over my eyes and bite my lip, feeling my cheeks heat up.

 I hear him giggle

"What? Are you afraid of seeing me?"

He asked, i could hear the smirk in his voice.


I Muffle into my hands, he chuckles


I waited until I heard.

"Okay, Your good"

I pulled my hands away from my eyes and looked up as he pulled a pair of sweats over his boxers.

Then slipped on a Green Day t-shirt and a beanie over his currently flat hair.

Luke plopped down next to me, flopping over on his back.

"Im tired"

he mumbled closing his eyes and laying his hands on his stomach.

I crawled over and sat criss-cross next to him and pulled pieces of blond hair out from under his beanie.

Luke giggled swatting away my hand and pushing the strands back under his hat.

"Knock it off"

"Why, its just gonna fall out when you sleep"

" So"

He laughed.

I crawled on top of his stomach and giggled


Luke breathed out loudly and looked up at me, which ended up as him starring.

I bit my lip looking down at him, when i got the idea of pulling his hat off.

A small smile edged on the corners of my lips as i quickly ripped the beanie off his head and chucked it across the room.


he yelled trying to get back up to get his hat.

I laughed loudly shoving him down by his shoulders.

"Ebs give me my beanie back'


I giggle

" Come on my hair looks stupid, give it back"

He yells trying to get up again.


I laugh

"You look cute without it"

His cheeks heat up and he pauses for a while before yelling.

"God damn it, Ebony give me my damn hat"

he pushed me off making burst into a fit of giggles as he jumps up to get his beanie from the floor.

"No wait"

I giggle scrambling up to my feet and running over to him as he slides his beanie back on.

"Pweeease, take it off"

I whine pouting out my bottom lip.

" no"

he said, picking me up from under my arms and putting me down softly on the bed then plopping down next to me.


I beg again tugging on the sleeve of his shirt.


I let out a loud whine, out of annoyance as I look down at Luke, laying down, on his back.

he lets out a small yawn rolling over on his side and looking up at me.

"can you turn off the lights"

he smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes.

"fine, Butt head"

I said jumping up and turning out the lights, just to plop back down on the bed.

Luke wrapped his arms around me, tugging me to his chest and nuzzling into the crook of my neck.


I said wrapping my arms around him and kissing the top of his head.

"your so cuddly "

he smiled against my skin, pulling me closer.

I yawned, a sudden tiredness taking over me before eventually falling asleep.



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