You want it? Come and get it!

It's about a family in the future when the royal family come to visit a factory where they families children work the princess drops her 28 carat diamond ring in a pile of wool, Tris and her older brother Lux must come to grips of what they have found and they conceal the precious jewellery and when people go on the run for them every second they don't give it ring back their punishment will go beyond question…
Also This is like my approach of Tris in Divergent and that she joined Dauntless and lives like a dauntless would


3. Chapter three

Then we all get to work at 7am and we all work hard or we get sent to Trig's office where rowdy, late or refusing to work children. Lux is normally put in the late category ,he turns up at around 7:30am which unacceptable and goes to Trig's office as soon as he arrives with Teilo, thankfully Emielo stayed with us and he won't get punished, Elon and Cree Trig's henchmen grab Lux's and Teilo's arm's, Teilo grunts in pain, Zaire runs over and without thinking i run after her too and we start attacking with what my dad told me if anything is wrong and Trig is watching all of this and he shouts at the top of his voice "Zaire and Teilo Weaver and Tris and Lux Blanche here now!"

We walk in slowly and we are all crimson red with fear and anger and we are going to be punished in some way, we are probably going to be punished in a terrible, inhumane and shocking way, the last time i was punished was when i was 8 and i was made to work until 11pm at night when everyone was gone and they were gone at 9pm so i was left there for 2 hours with my brother and we weren't paid any extra which i wasn't expecting anyway so we returned home and i had fainted because i wasn't fed for at least 19 hours

As we enter Trig's office he shouts at us for being inhumane because we kicked someone i detect a laugh coming out and unfortunately the laugh draws attention to Trig, he glares at me and "Tris come here" he says in a way that means only one thing. Punishment.

I approach him hesitantly and Elon and Cree grab my arms and i kick them and in return they push their long, sharp and a pale yellow colour nails into my shoulder blades. I scream with anger and intense pain being let out that has been building up inside of my small body for about three long, horrible and unrewarding years and the same time Elon sights the place on my hand that the small shard of glass that went into my skin, Elon holds it up and Trig inches towards my face and i blink every two minutes or so at him looking at him. I am angry. He is about nose to nose with me now he raises his oddly shaped head about 2 centimetres from mine i spit in his face and seems dumbfounded that a nine year old would do that but i smirk that i succeeded and he grabs me the elbow and throws me to the ground and i feel one smashing foot stamping into my back and i hold in my screams and instead decide just to take it and my brother intervenes and pushes Trig into his desk and he pulls a knife out of his back pocket dried blood i see on the blade. Lux looks into Trig's pale blue eyes like all of life's joy and happiness has been sucked from them. "You wouldn't dare Lux."

Lux backs down.

"Coward" whispers Elon and Cree, Trig smirks, then he looks back at me still on the floor, tears developing in my forest green eyes, He kneels down to my level and he drags me up with my blonde hair wrapped around his hands so i can't get away from his breath that almost makes me be sick all over him. He pushes me to Lux and he embraces me and then Trig says "Right you lot, you are to go and get on with your work, we have visitors, Zaire, Teilo you too are to be punished at a later time, Lux and Tris stay" in a sickening way. Zaire and Teilo are escorted out of the office where no one wants to be. The door slam behind them "right you two, you have been very rebellious and it will be punished again more violently if you do not keep out of trouble children you are-" 

Lux interrupts " No Tris didn't do anything wrong from what i saw she was standing there then you grabbed her, you are the person being inhumane Trig"

"don't you dare call me by name Lux, you call me sir, what do you call me Lux?"

"Sir" mutters Lux,

Cree grabs Lux by the hair and says "Louder Lux

"Sir!" he shouts

"don't get cocky, Lux, from now on anything you do that offends me will be taken out on your younger sister and i will don't think i won't Lux" 

"Leave" exclaims Trig. 

We run to the work stations we have to place the fibres of wool on the machine's and let them do the work and they spin very fast and then i look around and see Princess Marcella looking at me i wipe the dirt of my face in shock and she starts talking to me in a old fashioned tone "Hello so what are you doing?" she says in her clear voice.

"Hello i'm just placing the fibre's on the twister" i stutter as i speak to her. 

"Oh that sounds fun whats your name?" she whispers. 

"I'm Tris, I'm 9" she say matching her quiet tone.

"You have a pretty name, I'm Marcella. I hate my name" she mutters with a tear developing in her eyes.

"Maybe you should have a nickname Marcella, maybe Marcie?"  i say. 

" Oh yes that's my new name, thank you" she says.

As i thank her for talking to me i notice her beautiful precious ring she was given by her Grandfather Vincenzo, he was half Spanish. She taps me on the back and i see at a cue to get back to work and i hear a slight shudder on the floor and i look down and crawl just under a machine and i see the prized ring that Marcella dropped in a pile of excess fibre's i pick it up and slip it in my pocket, if i get caught my punishment will go beyond a beating, one word, death.

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