You want it? Come and get it!

It's about a family in the future when the royal family come to visit a factory where they families children work the princess drops her 28 carat diamond ring in a pile of wool, Tris and her older brother Lux must come to grips of what they have found and they conceal the precious jewellery and when people go on the run for them every second they don't give it ring back their punishment will go beyond question…
Also This is like my approach of Tris in Divergent and that she joined Dauntless and lives like a dauntless would


10. Chapter ten

As i walk back to my room, i loose myself in the art that is hanging from the walls, like a jasmine colour the walls are painted and then i open the door of my room and they are, them two boys that were interrogating me before under the tree and they are going through my drawers "Get out now!" i shout 

they ignore me completely 

I walk up to them and push one boy to the wall he has a name tag on saying Kent and i grab him by the throat and punch him and kick him in the stomach and he lies there in a pool of blood, by now the other one has ran off to telltale on me and then i see my perfect time to get my stuff in my backpack and grab my jacket and climb out of my window and start walking away from all this. Then i come to some forests and go in, no one can hurt me, or that is what i think. I think to myself i can't stay there it's too nice and i need to live on the edge, to keep moving like Trig taught me, if i didn't go with him i would have been that little innocent girl i can hardly remember now, then i think of Lux and that i left him and that boy Kent that i left for dead, then i come across this huge, menacing forest with the tree's looking down on my a few pine needles drop on my head a ruby red furred squirrel running away to it's family, then i remember that this is the forest that i had to get through to earn my freedom from Trig, i will never call him Beau again, never. I climb a tree, step by step, every step i get more confident, as i climb as high as i want to go and i fall asleep, i dream that when i wake up Trig will be standing at the bottom of the tree leaning against it waiting like he sensed i was there. I shoot up just as i see his face, in my dream. Then the horror is real is his battered face, he was attacked i think as soon as i see it, "I thought i had lost you, Tris" he declares 

"I never want to see you again" i reply, i look at the cut of my arm from a while back, it hasn't stopped bleeding, it has slowed down a bit now, but i'm loosing to much blood. Trig catches the sight of the blood flowing down my arm.

"Come down Tris, you need help for that arm, i don't want you to die" he replies.

He looks at me like it wasn't a question, it was an order. I sigh in anger and i hop down from the top branch and i hide the slight pain shooting up my calves.

"That looked like it hurt, you ok?" he asks 

"Don't just ask me like nothing's happened ok, my shoulder aches everyday because of you" i reply without looking at him.

He puts his arm around my shoulder, i shrug it off and walk a little bit in front of him. I turn my head to check he hasn't stopped to threaten me with a gun, he stands there and looks at me and i stop eye contact with him. I think to myself he tried to kill me for a stupid ring. I walk away from him and he starts to walk a bit faster after me and then i start sprinting away and i hear him behind me and i reach the outskirts of the forest and i see the building i was running away from and then i see Trig behind me and i look up at him the way i looked at him when he punished me for nothing in the factory over six months ago and i walk with him this time. 

"Why did you run away from me Tris?" he mutters 

"You scare me Trig, that's why" i reply without thinking. 


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