You want it? Come and get it!

It's about a family in the future when the royal family come to visit a factory where they families children work the princess drops her 28 carat diamond ring in a pile of wool, Tris and her older brother Lux must come to grips of what they have found and they conceal the precious jewellery and when people go on the run for them every second they don't give it ring back their punishment will go beyond question…
Also This is like my approach of Tris in Divergent and that she joined Dauntless and lives like a dauntless would


6. Chapter six

I don't bother packing anything and i run to the factory that i dreaded to go in yesterday maybe Lux is there, i doubt it. I come to the doors of the factory and i look up at the doors and then i look behind me. There he is the man that attacked Lux yesterday and he punches me and i scream "Trig! Help me it's me Tris!" i scream at the top of my lungs and more of them come to attack me i hear the doors creak open "Aria! I'm coming!" someone screams.

Then the doors open and i'm being beat up by men i don't even know and there is Trig beating them up and helping instead of beating me up as well and then "Tris, ignore what i said and punch like i punched you yesterday hard in the throat then in the stomach got it?" 

I nod 

I do what Trig told me and punch this teenager he is about 18 and i punch hard in the throat and then kick in the stomach and he lies on the floor, faced down, in a pool of blood "What did you make me do Trig?!" i exclaim at him 

"Kill, he was going to kill you" he mutters and we welcomes me inside and then we go to his office where on the floor is still little drops of my blood and i look at them and Trig looks at me and starts to sob silently and i look at him at pat him on the shoulder and he says "I'm so sorry Tris for beating you up, i want you to have what i never got" and then he goes on to say "I didn't teach my daughter fast enough to fight you need to know because you need to live" he says and i nod in agreement and i say "Where is Lux?" i say to him and i start to cry

" I don't know Tris, he is a good young man and he can look after himself" he replies.

The  we leave the factory with some food and we walk into the forrest where we think no one will be and then we sit down to rest and by then it's about 7pm and we light a fire well i do as Trig was sleeping and then i heat the food up we took from the factory tinned beans. then i put it next to him and nudge him a bit then he stirs and walks up and he thanks me and we eat.


Then later on we are talking about the factory and and i say out of the blue " Who's Aria, Trig if you don't mind me asking?" 

"She was my daughter, she's dead and so is my wife Elula and they died when this kind of thing happened a few years ago, you are the only one i've told" he replies 

I pat him on the back and say "Oh, but you though i was Aria, why?"

"You are very inquisitive Tris, i shouted her name because thats how Aria died she was beaten to death by gangs"

"sorry" i mutter 

Then i lie down and sleep, i dream about yesterdays events, and i dream about Lux and my family, how did Trig know my family, maybe he used to work for my dad in his own factory?

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