You want it? Come and get it!

It's about a family in the future when the royal family come to visit a factory where they families children work the princess drops her 28 carat diamond ring in a pile of wool, Tris and her older brother Lux must come to grips of what they have found and they conceal the precious jewellery and when people go on the run for them every second they don't give it ring back their punishment will go beyond question…
Also This is like my approach of Tris in Divergent and that she joined Dauntless and lives like a dauntless would


1. Chapter one

I awake, the sunshine is blinding me. i get up and frantically rush around and i vehemently shake my older brother at the shoulders and his emerald green eyes open from a deep sleep "wake up we are going to be late quick Lux" i salvo 

He jumps up and runs to the bathroom and he comes out one minute that feels like an hour while he gets ready i take the time to put my clothes on a vague green shirt with 2 dinky buttons and i button them both up and khaki trousers they are a fit tight, we work in a dusty, murky and squalid factory making wool, the bad conditions aren't as worse as other places but they are still bad me and my brother had to start working when we were 6 i'm 9 now and my brother is 15. I look out of my window that is slightly cracked on the corner, i try to pick the piece's up so my baby brother Beau, well he isn't a baby now he is nearly 4 now, i look out our window i see our factory 1 mile away we are going to have to run today i think. 

My dad barges in our room "Where is Lux?!" he says in a angry voice 

"I don't know dad" i say in a innocent tone i never speak to my dad like i speak to Lux i can be casual with Lux, but never my dad he would kick me out and ban me from the house 

"I'm in here dad, in the bathroom" Lux shouts

"Get out here now Lux Blanche" my dad screams 

I start picking up the small shards of glass again and get ready at the same time i tighten my leather green belt "Ow!" i scream 

A massive piece of glass has embedded in my soft velvety skin, my dad rushes in and i sit on my pale pink bedding and he rips the glass out of my arm and i scream louder and he cuddles me and taps my cheek and says "c'mon we need to get you two to work don't we?" 

"Yes" i say with a sniffle and i stand up and i start walking out the door and i grab my banana like i always do and i gulp it down my throat this the only food i going to get for another 10 hours 

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