You want it? Come and get it!

It's about a family in the future when the royal family come to visit a factory where they families children work the princess drops her 28 carat diamond ring in a pile of wool, Tris and her older brother Lux must come to grips of what they have found and they conceal the precious jewellery and when people go on the run for them every second they don't give it ring back their punishment will go beyond question…
Also This is like my approach of Tris in Divergent and that she joined Dauntless and lives like a dauntless would


4. Chapter four

Then at the end of the day i look in a mirror in the toilets and i poke at my swollen jaw of Trig punching me in the jaw and my broken lip. Trig walks in.

"Hello Tris, nice lip and your jaw is very swollen how did you get that i wonder?"

"Maybe because some idiot that likes to abuse children came along, what was his name? Trig was it yeah that ugly, self absorbent, and abusive, Trig" i say to his face i am dreading what he is going to say or do.

"Don't get to clever Tris, you will regret it greatly" he mutters

I leave without leaving his sight. Elon and Cree grab both of my pale arms that have turned red due to all the arm grabbing and the slapping. 

I turn around "What?" i say confidently 

"If your brother does something bad or something that offends me i will punish you for it, and i f you do something bad ,you are late, rebellious behaviour or attacking other staff Lux will be punished more than you were today, just keep that in mind Tris, your clever you understand right?" 

I nod "Trig, im sorry, ok but don't hurt Lux he doesn't deserve it, he has enough going on at home with our house and he has to have another job as well as this one"

He starts to listen as soon as i start speaking surprisingly, he approaches me " Tris don't protect your brother, he can look after himself, Cree Elon leave thanks," they leave as soon as he says leave 

"Tris, im raising you like my own, i believe that you are brave and you shouldn't have to care about anyone else, you understand i treat you like that to strength you for when you go into the real world you understand huh?" 

I nod and i leave with a smile on my face.

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