You want it? Come and get it!

It's about a family in the future when the royal family come to visit a factory where they families children work the princess drops her 28 carat diamond ring in a pile of wool, Tris and her older brother Lux must come to grips of what they have found and they conceal the precious jewellery and when people go on the run for them every second they don't give it ring back their punishment will go beyond question…
Also This is like my approach of Tris in Divergent and that she joined Dauntless and lives like a dauntless would


8. Chapter eight

Then we see some deserted buildings and we approach them we enter one and there is a cupboard full of weapons: Guns, knives, crossbows the usual for Trig. A whole new sight for me. Then he throws a gun to me a shotgun about the size of my forearm and Trig loads it a teaches me and gives me a matchbox full of bullets "Keep them close kid" he mutters

I nod 

Then we find a house, we enter and there is basic requirements of a human, two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a bathroom nothing else food is in small quantities and water is limited. I sit down on the Jett black sofa with a patterned cushion on and i just sit there and i slip out the ring from the factory and glare at it if i didn't steal it i would have a lump of nervousness in my throat. Trig is behind me silent looking at the ring "What the hell is that!?" he screams 

I nearly jump out of my skin with terror and shock

"Nothing i saw on the floor in the factory and i picked it up and it wouldn't be anyone's would it?"

"Sounds like a question to me Tris" he screams 

I leave and go upstairs and i take the ring with me as i do i trip the steep, wooden stairs and two bruises on each shin and they hurt for about half an hour and then i keep on exercising sit up's push up's and just strengthening my body just in case. 

Trig walks in, "I'm sorry for shouting at you Tris, but if that is the royal family's they will execute you no exceptions not even for a kid like you" he says 

"I'm not a kid, I'm Tris don't keep calling me kid, call me tris or i will call you man" i mutter with a smirk.

"This is serious but that was funny Tris" he says laughing a little, here pass the ring and we'll keep it safe?" he offers

I nod 

Then we sit on the bed side by side, Trig is Trig your real name?" i ask hesitantly 

"No, Tris it's not, i'm called Beau like your little brother, i was called Trigger originally but then i was shortened to Trig" he explains 

"Why?" i ask

"Because i used to pull the trigger on guns a lot by that i mean i used to kill lots of people i was taught young like you to shoot, to kill i didn't like it either but i had to learn. "

I nod and push him out of my room and he pats me on the back. 


In my dream i relive waking up and running away and meeting Beau and running away, finding this place and Beau shouting at me for taking a ring that belonged to the royal family.

I spring up from my sleep and look around and Beau is banging on my door with his fist and "Get up now we have to go now Tris!" he screams.

"Okay i'm coming!" i scream back and in two minutes i'm out and we are gone i load my gun and cover Beau as he goes over the block in case someone shoots at him and then two figures are running towards us and i just stand there frozen in fear. They are closer to me now and i start running and they are still after me and i'm still running as fast as i can i feel a blow to my left shoulder and i fall down hard on the concrete path and they grab me and make me walk and then i hear grunts of pain of the men that have just shot me and then i'm thrown over someone's back, Beau

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