Not again

~sequal to saved~

What will happen when Ashley's abusive father is released from jail? Will he leave her alone or come back to haunt her?


11. 7

Ashley's POV:

*3 months later*

I was finally going to find out the gender of the baby! I was sooo exited and I could see Niall is to, he is going to be a great father. We got to the doctors and waited in the waiting room. "Ashley Vizenor!" We got up and walked to the room. He put the gel on my tummy and put the hand machine thing on and it took awhile but we finally saw the baby. It was so adorable! "Ok ms.Vizenor the gender of you baby is..."


CLIFF HANGER! Anyways sorry it was really short but I had to go shopping for my kid (yes he/she is real) anywaysss OH I also had to get my WEDDING PLANNING DTUF O NY GOD IM SO EXITED!!!! Bye my little munchkins!oh and guess what! My fiancées last name is Styl! I forgot to mention that! (St-yle) so like Harry styles but not even close to Harry styles anyways just wanted to say that! It's a coincidence isn't it? HAHA. Oh and btw I'm in the USA for 2 weeks so here it's like 6:50 that's why I'm posting late in the UK!byee



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