Not again

~sequal to saved~

What will happen when Ashley's abusive father is released from jail? Will he leave her alone or come back to haunt her?


9. 6

Ashley's POV:

I woke up and went downstairs and saw Niall asleep on the couch. He must have seen my note, I went to the kitchen and made some eggs and bacon. 10 minutes later Niall walked in and when I turned around and saw his face I just froze. "Please let me explain!" "EXPLAIN WHAT! THAT YOU FIND ME DISGUSTING BECAUSE HE RAPED ME! DO YOU THINK I WANTED TO!! I JUST NEEDED COMFORT! SOMEONE TO HELP ME THROUGH IT BUT YOU GOT SUPER DISTANT AND I HAD NO ONE!" "You were raped? I my god Ashley I'm so sorry I didn't know that I just thought you needed space. If I knew that and you needed support I would have been there in a heart beat! I didn't know I'm so sorry!" "Haven't you even noticed I have been vomiting a lot and have been mentally AND physically in pain!" "Not to change the subject but... Why are you so sick?" OMG I just realised... What if I was pregnant, AT 17.5! Now that I think about it... I'm late.. OH NO! "I-I-I d-don't know..." "What do you think I know you think that something's up" "...what I-if I-I-I'm p-p-reg-" I just started sobbing and for the first time in a month he just held me "I'll get some pregnancy text while you rest ok? And if you are, I'll always be there for you I promise" "t-thanks N-Niall"

Niall's POV:

I should get 3 types just in case. I want her to be pregnant but not with marks but with mine but if she's not its ok and if she is then that's ok to. Even if it isn't mine. "Is that all?"the cashier asked in a snobby voice "yes now can you please hurry" she just rolled her eyes and I quickly paid and ran out back home. "I'm back!!" She came in and took them "thank you, I'm glad to have you back Niall" and the first time in forever I saw a real smile. She went into the bathroom and I just waited.

Ashley's POV:

I went into the bathroom and 'took' the tests I guess you can say. I waited 3 minutes and they were all positive. Oh no I just collapsed on the floor and sobbed. Niall came in and saw the tests "it's ok baby I'm here for you and I'll never leave your side again ok?" "Promise?" "Promise." And we just sat there on the floor holding each other. I was truly gobsmacked.

*2 months later*

Ashley's POV:

We already had an ultra sound and I'm getting exited I started to show and I was really exited!! In 3 months I can find out the gender and I really hope its a girl!!!:D I never bought the apartment or went to the hotel and I was glad about that. Niall was being really supportive about everything and even went out to buy ice cream and everything! I'm so glad I found him.

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