Not again

~sequal to saved~

What will happen when Ashley's abusive father is released from jail? Will he leave her alone or come back to haunt her?


7. 4

Niall's POV:

It's been four months since she blacked out, I never got to talk to her after we rescued her... I've sat with her every day but she never wakes up, she is on life support and they have to pull the plug I'm 5 weeks if she doesn't wake up. The lads come In every other day but tend to leave me alone with her to have our "moments" I guess. What if I never get to say goodbye?

Ashley's POV:

I hear noises like beeping noises... I also here muffled voices, i just want to shout I'm ok and I'm alive but I can't get my self to open my eyes... I start hearing clearer and hear... Niall? He is holding my hand and I really want to give him a sign I'm ok... But how... Think ashley think! IVE GOT IT! With all the power I have(which isn't a lot) I squeeze his hand.

Niall's POV:

OMG DID SHE JUST SQUEEZE MY HAND!! "NURSE SHE SQUEEZED MY HAND!!! NURSE!" She came rushing in and started writing something down and thanked me and left. I can't leave now what if she wakes up.. "Ashley if you can here me... The lads and I really miss you... We want you to wake up.. Please I beg you... I love you... With all my heart" I felt another squeeze and I felt so happy. Her head started moving and she let out a little cough... Is this it is she waking up??? After that she didn't do anything so I went on my phone to text the lads and play angry birds... It's an awesome game ok!

Ashley's POV:

I started to move and cough and I felt a little bit stronger... I felt my eyes flutter open after like 30 minutes after that to see a tired but hopeful face on his phone, haha oh Niall. "Is that all you ever do" I said more like a whisper. His head shot up and saw me "OMG ashley your awake! O my god thank god! I'm going to go get the nurse be right back" after like 2 minutes he came back with a nurse. She asked me questions and left. (Sorry to lazy to post the questions)

A/n hello my little cupcakes!(I'm going to call you that) :)

Anyways I made a short update real quick sorry if it's short and isn't exiting but as I said in my other book this really happened! And I'm not changing any of my life except that one direction is in it! Love ya!!:D



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