Not again

~sequal to saved~

What will happen when Ashley's abusive father is released from jail? Will he leave her alone or come back to haunt her?


4. 2

Ashley's POV:

"Where am I?" I said to my self, "your with me sweet heart." Oh no "WHY CANT YOU JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" "Because your mine!" His voice starting to raise and I was starting to get really scared now. "Those idiots you call family never loved you! NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU YOUR FAT AND UGLY NOT TO MENTION A SLUT! THEY JUST PITY YOU AND DINT WANT TO HURT YOU FEELINGS BUT THE TRUTH IS THEY ALL HATE YOU!" "WHAT ABOUT YOU! MOM LEFT YOU NOT ME BEFORE SHE LEFT SHE SAID SHE WILL NEVER FORGET ME BUT COULDN'T HANDLE YOU AND YOUR ALCOHOL" after that he punched me in square in the nose and I fell to the floor and he just kept kicking me right in the stomach over again until I blacked out... I think I'm going to die now, my body is numb and I can't feel anything...

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