Falling for Harry Styles? I Can't Be.

Astrid is a girl hangs out with the famous One Direction. They all are her best friends. But once she starts getting feelings for the player/best friend Harry Styles, She doesn't know what to do. Could Harry change his ways for her? Or will he just be the player he is? Read and Find out!


1. What Just Happened?

I woke up to my alarm clock. I slammed my hand on it I groaned. I got up and got dressed in a pair of dark blue jean shorts, a western shirt, and my cowboy boots. I put my make-up on and walked down to the kitchen where my mother was making eggs and bacon. 

" Hey Astrid. Do want any?" she asked.

" No thanks mom." i said grabbing a yellow apple from the basket.

" Okay You might want to leave because your brothers are not up yet." she said. Oh god. I know this is. I got up and ran out of the house to the bus stop. I saw my best friend Harry. Yes I know Harry and the rest of One Direction. They came to my school during 10th grade. Hmm. I dropped my bag and took of sprinting. I jumped on Harry's back. He was surprised but he grabbed my thighs and stayed on his feet. Harry was laughing.

" Hey Harry." I said laughing. 

" Hey babe. What did you think you were doing?" he asked laughing.

" Seeing if you were strong. And you passed the test." I said jumping off of his back. He turned around and I hugged him playfully. But he had something different in mind, He through me over his shoulder.

" Harry Edward Styles! Put me down now!" I screamed at him. Harry was laughing at me. 

" Actually I won't. I have a good view." He said smacking my butt lightly.

" Well I don't! Now put me down" I said.

" Nope." He said. So I kicked him in the lower reign. He dropped me in the grass. He fell down on the ground holding his crotch. I was laughing my ass off. He got what he deserved! He quickly recovered he went over me with his body. I was laying on the ground smiling. I looked into his beautiful green eyes.To me his eyes change different colors of green. Right now his greens eyes were a vibrant green that is sparkling.He looked at my lips then to my eyes. He started leaning down to kiss me. He was a couple of inches from my lips when the other boys came out. He got up and help me up. What just happened?


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