Falling for Harry Styles? I Can't Be.

Astrid is a girl hangs out with the famous One Direction. They all are her best friends. But once she starts getting feelings for the player/best friend Harry Styles, She doesn't know what to do. Could Harry change his ways for her? Or will he just be the player he is? Read and Find out!


3. Meanwhile.....

I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I took my earbuds out and looked at Niall. 

" What?" I asked. 

" Are you okay Astrid?" Niall asked.

" I'm just fine." I said sniffling. 

" You like don't you?" he asked. I just looked down at my lap. I felt a tear go down my cheek. At least Niall isn't acting like a child. 

" Awww. Astrid has  a crush." He said. Nope I spoke to soon. I just chuckled in my head.

" Niall don't tell him please. He will just laugh in my face. I just know it. I have been feeling that feeling this whole day almost. It is just....." I looked down at my lap with some more tears pouring. I looked at Niall and he pull me over to him. 

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