The new boy (Zayn Malik AU)

Zayn Malik, the new boy at school. He could make any girl fall at his feet. He's mysterious and has the whole badboy image. Lola McCoy, she doesn't give a damn what people thinks of her and she has a wild side. What happens when their worlds collide?

"What the heck was that?" I shouted with a bit of excitment. "That so cool, so you're so sort of badass?" I asked but got no answer. "That wasn't much anyways" I tried to provoke him. Before I knew what was hapening I was up against the wall. I immediately went quiet. There was no space in between us "You think that's badass?" He asked. When I didn't reply, he chuckled. Zayn then moved closer, which I thought was nearly impossible,considering how close we are. He blew his onto my neck and kissed on that very spot, shivers ran through my body. He then whispered into my ear

"You haven't seen nothing yet."


1. Chapter 1

"Lola, get up! You don't want to be late for school, again!" I heard my dad shout from downstairs. I groaned and looked at the time, it was 6:30. Do I have to get up? "Lola, don't make me come up there me!" My dad shouted again. "I'm up,I'm up" I shouted back, knowing my dad would either pull me out of bed, literally, or he would throw cold water over me. 

I went into the bathroom, I put my towel on the counters and shuffled my playlist, I loved listening to music while getting ready. It took me thirty minutes in  the shower. I went back into my room and decided what i'm wearing today. I put on a white crop top that had 'loyal" big across it and a short demin shorts with black ankle boots. I was putting on my make up,not much, when i had my dad shouting again. "Hurry up,Lola!" He shouted. "Calm you tits,dad! I'm almost done!"

I put on my leather jacket grabbed my backpack and ran down stairs. "Morning sunshine" I greeted my dad. "'Bout time. Good morning sweetheart" My dad greeted back. "You better get to school, I don't want a phone call from the school say that you were late,again!" He said. "At least I'm at school, that's matters dad." I said. "Right." I heard my dad muttered. "So must I give you a ride to school or are you taking your bike?" My dad asked, I gave him a certain smile that made him know the answer. "Bike it is, now get to school kiddo" My dad said. "Bye sunshine!" I kissed my dad and run out the door. Most 17 year old girls would want a fancy sports car but I've always wanted a bike and on my 17th birthday my dad bought me, my bike.

It took me 15 minutes to get to school, with 15 minutes to spare. See dad, I can be early. I walked into school, people staring at me but I didn't care. I got to my locker and exchanged my books. Someone covered my eyes and whispered into my ear "Guess who." I already knew who it was but decided to play along. "Zac Effron?" I said with excitment. "And we have a winner, ding ding ding" He said. "Hello Matthew" i greeted. "You're on time today." He stated. "Yeah,well my dad made sure I was on time today." Matthew and I have been best friends since kindergarden and ever since high school, well let just say, puberty hit Matthew good. I think the word good is an understatement, yes I find Matthew attractive, but I won't date him, eww that's like dating my own brother.  He was Mr.Hottie of the school, all the girls drool over him, most of them tries to be my friend to get close with him, it's actually disgusting to see how desperate they are.

"We gotta get you to class young lady" Matthew said. "Young lady? You're only 4 months older than me!" I said. "Either way we gotta get you to class." As we were walking to our class I heard people talking about some new kid "Hey Matthew, who's this new kid everyone's talking about?" I asked. "Nobody told you yet? There's a new kid that will be attending our school from today onwards. Some girls says they've seen him already and that he's really hot." Matthew said and finger quoted the word 'hot'. "Aww, is matty scared that the girls will start drooling over someone else." I teased him. "Don't call me Matty" I heard him mutter. "Don't sulk Matty, it's not attractive" 

We finally made it to class and on time might i add. We had english first period. Mr Davids seperated Matthew and I in this class because we apparently talk to much. Now Matthew sits right in front and I sit at the back. On my right was Cindy and her possie, they were the gossip girls. They knew anything and everything that goes on at the school. On my left nobody was seated which means I'm all on my own. Fifteen minutes into the period and I was bored out my mind. Mr. Davids kept going on about some Poetry shit. Our class was soon interupted when someone walked into the class. Cindy and her possie and probably every other girl started wishpering, more like fangirling. 

I looked up and there stood the hottest boy I've ever seen. His hair put perfectly into a quiff. He has the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes, that could make me stare into his eyes all the time. He wore a white t-shirt and black jeans with a black leather jacket. I wonder if he looks good without his clothes as he does with them on. I could see tatoos on his neck, which made me wonder where else he has tattoos on his body.

Before I could go on I heard Mr. Davids speak. "Don't just stand there boy, introduce yourself." The new boy first looked around the class before speaking.

"I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik."


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