Best Friends with a player ( Harry Styles AU)

Being Best Friends with Harry wasn't the easiest thing in the world especially since the school worshipped the ground he walked on. He was the player no girl could resist and the guy every male hated because of the way their girlfriend lusted after him. I was the schools outcast, with the worst social life because Harry was to protective over me causing everyone to steer away. He has this idea that I was 'His' no one else's and made sure every guy knew that.

"Just tell me if you want me to stop Aleeah" Harry murmured causing my eyes to flutter closed when his hot breath skimmed my trembling lips. He slowly backed me up against the hardness of the tree that shaded us, and gently raised my leg so that it was around his hip. I arched my back against his warm chest and felt him press himself tightly against my body causing me to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice husky and seductive while placing small kisses at the corners of my mouth causing my breathing to falter.


1. Chapter One

“Mom just calm down okay the contacts are fine. My eyes aren’t going to magically rot away.” I mumbled stuffing my face with my favourite cereal which of course is Cherios. I tried getting my mom off my back about me not wearing glasses anymore but she kept pestering me about how it could ruin my eyes and I could go blind blah blah. She didn’t understand that I was turning 17 soon and that I was growing up, she has this vague idea that I would always be her little girl and Harry didn’t always help my case. He treated me way worse than my mother did; you’re not old enough to date Aleeah you aren’t missing out on anything special, put your seatbelt on Aleeah, don’t talk to that sleezeball, eat you’re your food Aleeah. I swear to God if Harry isn’t acting like my father then his the annoying perv that I didn’t want to deal with because he always tried getting under my skin which at some point worked when I threw him with my shoe against his lip. One thing Harry was good at was being my best friend until this day he was always there for me even though he was the schools player; with emerald green eyes, pink plump lips, wide mouth, clear skin, deep husky voice, messy brown curls, the tattoos that marked his skin making the bad boy image he had working for him which just drew the girls in every time. It’s what annoyed me ever since he started high school, that girls just couldn’t pull themselves away from him and Harry being the hormonal teenage boy he was, couldn’t push them away so he relished in the attention he got from girls and even slept with seniors when word got around that a freshman at the time was that good in bed. We started seeing less of each other since I was still in the 7th Grade and Harry going to High school parties but, that changed when I started high school and we became close again. You’d think that I would’ve somehow fallen in love with him but Harry treated girls like trash and it disgusted me, he had no idea how to treat girls that weren’t me. He had this philosophy called the ‘Hump and Dump’ which he took very seriously because he never lingered around girls other than shagging them. I tried telling him that it was wrong but he just laughed it off and continued his game of “Call of duty’ with the rest of the boys who had the same sick agenda that Harry had, but that still didn’t shy the love I had for the boys. They were all my over protective brothers who I met in my first year of high school, Harry made sure to get it into their heads that I was off limits and they should keep their hands to themselves. Which ultimately lead to no guy looking at me or breathing in my direction, no one was allowed to touch me or talk to me in the wrong way if they didn’t want Harry and the rest of the boys' wrath. I on the other hand just accepted it knowing that things wouldn’t come to that because guys steered away from me. It was like I had a sign on my head saying ‘Forgetful and Clumsy ALERT!’, since every guy stayed at least a mile away from me. At some point my self-confidence was at such a low I ran crying to Harry asking if there was something wrong with the way I looked since I was 5’6 with bright blue eyes, fiery red hair that was curled around my shoulders with a dash of light freckles across my button nose and glasses the size of magnifying glass. I wasn’t thin and people could see that by the way my thighs brushed against each other and because I was short, it just made me look a lot worse. Harry constantly told me that I was beautiful and that I didn’t need to change one bit and at some point I believed him until I started meeting the girls he shagged. They had straight hair and had tall slender figures so I just brushed off the compliment, since he was my best friend and he needed to say things like that. The girls at school never allowed me to forget how imperfect I was and always voiced their opinions when the boys weren’t around knowing that I wouldn’t tell them about it. It was something I always kept to myself because then they’ll give me this whole speech about how easy those girls were and how they didn’t have self-respect and I didn’t want to hear how they degraded girls. “Ally just please take your specs with just in case.” My mom pleaded making me to groan as I stood up and placed my bowl into the sink. I rinsed my bowl and dried my hands with the cloth before turning around and giving my mom a reassuring smile. She grinned and engulfed me into a hug placing my spectacle case in the palm of my hands as honk coming from outside, made me jump in fright. “Harry’s here!” Aidan yelled causing my mother to chuckle as he ran into the kitchen with a big smile on his 6 year old face. It amazed me how much he adored Harry rather than feeling intimidating by Harry’s dark aura that screamed REBEL. Aidan always stood up way earlier than I did and sat by the window for hours until Harry’s car came into view and waved at him, it was the cutest thing I ever saw because Harry’s face would lighten up and wave back. Sometimes I wonder who Harry wanted to be friends with more because every time he came over he always asked where the dark head blue eyed boy was. I grabbed my bag off the ground and skidded to a halt causing my converse to squeak against the laminated floor while I stuffed my spectacle case in my bag just as another honk went off causing my eyes to roll at his impatience. I kissed my mom’s cheeks and ruffled Aidan’s hair that fell over his eyes placing a kiss on his forehead before walking in to warm crisp air. I rolled my eyes when Harry pointed at his watch cause me to flip him the finger when I jumped into his black Range Rover. “If you’re going to treat me like dog then- HOLY SHIT WHATS ON YOUR NECK!” I yelled as my eyes widened at the blue/purple mark on his neck that was the size of a golf ball. “Language” he growled causing me to scoff when he started the engine causing his muscles to ripple under his black t-shirt that hugged his lean muscled body very well, he paired it with black skinny jeans and black boots knowing that his leather jacket was in the backseat since he never went anywhere without it. “I guess Michelle was a little too rough for a sophomore.” Harry smirked causing the dimple in his right cheek to pop out causing his hard features to soften. I pulled my face up in disgust and placed my seatbelt not wanting another lecture about death with Harry ever again. “Rape!” I yelled causing him to chuckle as he started driving, “I thought seniors don’t go for sophomore’s.” “Well I made an exception for her, I mean she can hold a dick in her mo-“ “EWww Harold that’s disgusting I don’t want to know about your sex life.” I cringed causing him sheepishly smile at me as we pulled up into the schools parking lot. Harry stopped the engine and pulled his leather jacket from the back sliding it on his arms hitting my head in the process. “Oww you stupid potato!” “That’s what you get when you call my sex life disgusting, the Gods above work in my favour.’ He grinned placing a sloppy kiss on the place he accidently knocked. I rolled my eyes and climbed out of the car shutting the door behind me while Harry threw his arm across my shoulder causing me to crash into him. It was a daily routine that’s been happening every day since I started high school, it was to make sure people knew that I was somehow ‘His’ and if people dared messed with me they should start digging their grave. I ignored the glares and disgusted looks the girls sent me as their eyes raked up my body landing on Harry’s arm that rested on my shoulder. I flinched and wrapped my arm around his waist causing Harry to hold me tighter. “I like your shirt its…cute.” Harry smiled winking at me as we continued to walk through the school ignoring the gazes that were stuck on us. It was hard to believe that Harry ignored all the seductive looks girls sent his way when he was with me, it somehow comforted me and pushed the negative thoughts that always infiltrated my mind when someone skinnier than me tried getting his attention. I looked down at my bright pink t-shirt that had “HIPPIES’ written in bold across my chest, it was paired with a puffy black skirt that reached half way down my thighs while my legs were covered with black stockings and pink chucks. Some will say that I dressed weird but the boys didn’t mind since they thought my style was different. There was no denying that I was different because I was the only one who never wore shorts on one of England’s rare occasions of having the sun shine. Its not that I hated wearing shorts even though I did because it showed off my legs, it was because I felt like I would be compared to the rest of the girls at our school. So whenever I wore dresses or skirts it was either pared with tights or stockings and it was never going to change. “Thanks.” I grinned bumping my hip with his as people parted the hallway giving Harry and I space to walk. I beamed the moment Niall’s blonde hair came into view surrounded by Liam, Louis and Zayn who had girls drooling over them as they leaned against my locker looking very attractive. I pulled away from Harry and pushed my backpack into his chest as a squeal escaped my lips while running straight for the group throwing my arms around Niall’s waist causing my body to smash into his, catching him off guard by both surprise and probably my weight. “And who might this be? Could it be Ally my little peanut?” Niall’s thick Irish questioned causing me to giggle when he twisted and placed his arms around my shoulder pulling me to his side. All the boys gave me weird nicknames that they’d call me and no one else could. The boys always found it weird that I always ran to Niall first and it’s because he always tried getting the boys to back off a bit which once lead to Niall getting punched in the face by Harry when he invited me to a senior party. It wasn’t that they didn’t want me there; it was because they didn’t want guys hitting on me which I thought was ridiculous. “Hey you got rid of your glasses.” Niall frowned kissing both my eyes as a growl sounded behind us. I rolled my eyes knowing it was Harry and that he’d lecture Niall on his actions later. “At least someone noticed instead of scolding me about my language” I scoffed glaring at Harry who was glaring at Niall. “Well I think you look beautiful with or without it” Louis grinned pulling me away from Niall with ease and into his lean arms as his woodsy scent filled my nose which was different to Harry’s because Harry spelt spice and forestry. I was pulled out of Louis arms and was shoved into Zayn rock hard body causing me to giggle at how much I felt like a rag doll when Zayn engulfed me into a hug then I went straight into Liam’s then went back to Harry who relaxed the moment my arms rested around his waist. “Well you don’t run to me like that.’ Harry frowned causing me poke my tongue out, “ You may want to put that away Kitten before I do things to it that can’t be undone.” He smirked causing me to roll my eyes at his pervertedness. “Is that so? We’ll see how far you get when I cut your di-penis off.” I smirked changing my form of language since Harry hated when I used foul language since he didn’t want me to become ‘corrupted’. The boys snickered but abruptly stopped when a blonde with a perfect body stepped in front of Harry causing me to frown. The girl leaned forward and placed her body right against Harry’s with no shame but with confidence and sass, Harry was about to push her away when he slipped his arm off me but stopped when she started whispering into his ear causing him to smirk. I rolled my eyes knowing that Harry was far gone and was about to go do stuff with her, I walked around them and walked to the boys who were sending apologetic looks my way. I shrugged them off and leaned against Liam who shook his head as he scanned the girls short-shirts and tight crop top that showed her stomach. Harry nodded as the girl pulled away and slid her arm through Harry’s with a wicked grin and lust in her eyes causing me too roll my eyes. “Aleeah I’ll s-“ “Yeah you’ll see me later.” I muttered avoiding his gaze as the familiar feeling if hurt flourished through my body while Liam gave me a light squeeze. “I’ll see you at-“ “Lunch yeah I know.” I frowned biting my lip hearing him sigh and walk away. I place my head against Liam’s chest and took a shaky breath just as the bell rang knowing Harry was going to ditch his classes for a quicky. “Lets get you to your class strawberry.” Liam smiled kissing my forehead leading me down the hall as my thoughts still lingered on Harry and how he managed to get good grades when he kept ditching his classes. Since I was in a grade lower than all of them it was hard trying to convince the boys to actually going into their class but Harry was even harder since he always wanted to bargain with me because nothing comes without a price was his words.

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