Best Friends with a player ( Harry Styles AU)

Being Best Friends with Harry wasn't the easiest thing in the world especially since the school worshipped the ground he walked on. He was the player no girl could resist and the guy every male hated because of the way their girlfriend lusted after him. I was the schools outcast, with the worst social life because Harry was to protective over me causing everyone to steer away. He has this idea that I was 'His' no one else's and made sure every guy knew that.

"Just tell me if you want me to stop Aleeah" Harry murmured causing my eyes to flutter closed when his hot breath skimmed my trembling lips. He slowly backed me up against the hardness of the tree that shaded us, and gently raised my leg so that it was around his hip. I arched my back against his warm chest and felt him press himself tightly against my body causing me to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice husky and seductive while placing small kisses at the corners of my mouth causing my breathing to falter.


8. Chapter 8

The car ride was silent. I felt at peace until we arrived at the hangout. There were tons of people outside and I'm guessing even more inside. I nervously wiped my sweaty palms on my jersey and glanced at Jason who grinned at me excitedly. I gave him a weak smile and hopped out the car meeting him half way. I hurriedly fixed my feary red hair gulping as we walked into the house.

The music was blaring through the huge speakers, With people scattered all around the room conversing with each other. You could see this wasn't a party but a get together. It wasn't over crowded but partially full, it was comfortable.

Jason was walking ahead of me, holding my hand making me smile at our hands. We made our way to the kitchen where a group of boys were standing and they were attractive. I've never been in a room of boys where they weren't intimidated by Harry.

"Hey guys!" Jason greeted, 'bro-hugging' each of the boys. I stood there feeling rather awkward seeing as Jason was deep in conversation with one of his friends.

I instinctively pulled my dress down and mentally shot myself for being pressured to wear this dress which look rather slutty but luckily the jersey that was pulled over it down played the look.

"Hi I'm Drew."

I turned around and saw a rather handsome looking male standing in front of me with his hand held out. He had a soft brown wavy hair, with chocolate brown eyes. I immediately stuck my hand out and gently shook his hand.

 "I'm Aleeah." I said and he smiled. "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he winked and I mentally murdered him for being that cheesy. I mean who uses cheese lines now a days, I'm sure Harry doesn't use che-

No enough about Harry put him at the back of your mind Ally, he's not going to ruin your night.

I smiled awkwardly and rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet. "So Aleeah would you like a drink?" Drew asked.

"Um yeah sure" I smiled politely until Drew disappeared and I turned to Jason who was now in a conversation with a girl and a attractive looking guy. I cleared my throat which got his attention.

"Oh yeah! Um guys this is Aleeah. Aleeah, meet Chante and Nathan." He introduced. I smiled and gave them a quick wave.

"I'm so sorry about not spending time with you! I was sort of preoccupied." Jason said, blushing. I looked at him sceptically before a smirk appeared on my face.

 "Preoccupied you say?" I raised my brow and winking at him as he blushed again. "Yes. Anyway! Let's get some drinks!" He exclaimed, walking rather fast, dragging me along with him.

"Um Drew is supposed to get me a drink..." I said to him and his face dropped. "Oh .. Um .. Okay .. " He said and I felt bad so I put my arms around his waist and side hugged him causing him to grin ruffling my hair.

"So you and Harry huh?" Jason asked causing heat to flare up in my cheeks as a nervous laugh escaped my lips.

"What do you mean?" I question acting dumb while thoughts of Harry and I's Kiss caused me to clench my legs tight when images of Harry standing between my legs rushed through my mind.

"Rumours around school" he shrugged leaning against the chair. "They think that Harry and you are secretly dating but because he doesn't want the school to know about it because he's to embarrassed, so he sleeps with girls telling you he only pretends to do so." Jason continued examining my reaction.

I gave him a dull stare and shook my head crossing my legs over the other. Seriously the school has no intelligence what so ever, I mean I would never ever date Harry. He's to attached to the hump and dump nature that I'm afraid that there's no getting out if it.

Will he ever Fall in love with a girl? Or would he be like for the rest of his life?

The question that was running through my mind was what I would do about it if he did find a girlfriend? Would I stick around to watch him be gentle and loving to another female he wasn't related to other than me? Or would I be selfish and just cut our friendship short.

I loved Harry I did but lately I've been trying to figure out if it was a different kind Love. A king of Love that wasn't suppose to happen between best friends.

Was I in love with Harry? Or was I just infatuated by the affection he shows me and no other girl?

I loved the attention he gave me and the jealous look I got because the way Harry treated me.

"Aleeah!" Jason yelled causing me to jump and blush.

"What?" I laughed leaning against the couch where his arms rested.

"I asked would you like to play a game of Truth and dare with the rest of us?"

I looked around to see a bunch of people surrounding us including Drew who had a smirk across his face with a can of coke in his hand.

I fluttered my eyes open and closed taking a deep breath before slowly releasing it.

"Yeah let's do this" I said confidently hoping that I didn't get myself in deep shit.

We all gathered in the living room, sitting in a circle formation. I was seated next to Jason and had Drew on my left, with a bunch of other people around the room in girl boy formation.

I took a deep breath and lazily scanned the group who all had happy smirks on their faces.

"Who wants to go first?" Jason asked smirking around the table.

 "I do!" I heard Drew say and I turned to face him. "Aleeah. Truth or dare?" He asked. I took a deep breath, gathering all my confidence. "Dare" I answered. A smirk appeared on his face. "I dare you to kiss the first person on your right."

I looked over at Jason who's jaw dropped to the ground along with mine. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath, opening my eyes I gave Jason an apologetic look knowing that he'd be the second boy I've kissed and I've only kissed one person and that person was Harry.

 "Let's do this." I said turning my body around flicking my hair to the side. I bit my lip and sat on my knees taking a deep breath before slowly fluttering my eyes clothes leaning in.

Before our lips could touch I jumped back in fright and turned around to the voice that I didn't want near me right now at this time.

"You guys know that you don't start a party without the Harry Styles" I heard  Harry say with  a cocky grin on his face looking directly at me.  If I could kill him right now, I would.

He had that look in his eyes that screamed trouble and mischief. The look that attracted girls and the look guys bowed to.

He sauntered over towards me and sat between Jason and I, Causing Jason to give me a question look. I shook my head and just stared ahead of me in anger.

"I meant what I said Alleah." Harry whispered against my ear causing my breath to hitch in my throat and my heart to pound against my chest. He kissed my ear before lightly tugging my ear lobe with his teeth making me gasp.

"You Belong to me"

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