Best Friends with a player ( Harry Styles AU)

Being Best Friends with Harry wasn't the easiest thing in the world especially since the school worshipped the ground he walked on. He was the player no girl could resist and the guy every male hated because of the way their girlfriend lusted after him. I was the schools outcast, with the worst social life because Harry was to protective over me causing everyone to steer away. He has this idea that I was 'His' no one else's and made sure every guy knew that.

"Just tell me if you want me to stop Aleeah" Harry murmured causing my eyes to flutter closed when his hot breath skimmed my trembling lips. He slowly backed me up against the hardness of the tree that shaded us, and gently raised my leg so that it was around his hip. I arched my back against his warm chest and felt him press himself tightly against my body causing me to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice husky and seductive while placing small kisses at the corners of my mouth causing my breathing to falter.


7. Chapter 7

"FOR FUDGE SAKE LOUIS!!!" I yelled spinning around so fast I bumped into the door shutting it on the process landing on my bum.

I groaned and clutched my eyes so tight I thought I was about to push my eyeballs into my brain. How the hell do you get rid of one of you best friends hands up your student teachers skirt with her head thrown back while Louis had his mouth around her breast. I felt like I needed to burn my eyes with acid that's how bad it was. This was practically the third time this happened to me!

The first was with Liam and my gym teacher who later got fired for having sexual interaction with a student. Liam didn't feel a bit guilty just smug and proud shrugging that off, but luckily it wasn't that bad. All I saw there was him kissing her pushed up against the wall with his shirt off.

The second was Harry and my History substitute teacher which was the most revolting because she had her lips around his dick which was one of the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.

Its like God tries to punish me every time something good happens but I guess it comes with being friends with sex addicted maniacs.

I heard shuffling and heavy breathing before standing up biting my lip,

"Ali,you can turn around, Buttercup" Louis said in an amused tone causing me to roll my eyes. I spun around and glared at him while he grinned at me pulling me in for a hug squeezing my sides.

"Ew Louis get you filthy hands off me you Hobo!" I mumbled struggling against his hold. He chuckled and kissed my cheek before winking at my maths student teacher who I was never going to look at the same again.

I awkwardly bit my lip and nodded at her shuffling to my seat in the middle of the class setting my bag on the side of my desk. I looked up to stare at the red headed bimbo who's shirt was creased and buttons set in the wrong hoop.

"I'm really sor-"

"Its fine" I shrugged pulling my text book out of my bag setting it on my desk "Its not the first time it happened." I mumbled ignoring the shame written on her face as students walked into the class.

I sat up straight and stared at how the guys eyed her and I understood why. She was young maybe 20 or so probably in her second year of studying and now she's volunteering at my school. Curse the Gods for sending beautiful young women to our school.


"Ali come on let me in!" My mom yelled for the hundredth time banging harder against the door than the last time. I frowned and sighed spinning around glaring at all the clothes I had laying on the floor with my hand on my hip.

Its times like this that I actually hated the clothes I wore, I've been going through my closet for half an hour and I still found nothing. There were four heaps of clothing scattered around my room. my sweat shirts were in one which were brightly coloured they were situated in front of my bed, my Jeans were in front of my bedroom door, my shorts were laying on my bed and then there were my tights which were all darkly coloured in the heap at my feet.

Where are my dresses you ask? In a box in the attic. The last time I wore a dress was at Gemma's graduation, it was a very expensive dress my mom's sister sent from Spain which I only wore once and never again. It was ridiculously short and it was red! Out of all the colours in the world it was red. I hated it but I was forced to wear it and Gemma made me promise to wear a dress, so I paired it with stocking and a pair of messed up vans to downgrade the look.

All my other dresses at the time were to long because I liked it that way, I didn't like showing my legs so I always bought dresses the sat way below my knees and were lose on me but that was when I didn't have breast and when I was short and stubby.

I shook my head and groaned walking over the heap of Jean's and unlocked my door to find my mom with an excited flushed face and a concerned looking brother. I threw my head back and opened the door letting them both in.

"How are you not dressed yet he's coming in an hour and you haven't even showered yet." My mom shook her head kicking my jeans aside while Aidan jumped on my bed kicking his shoes off.

"Because I have nothing to wear" I frowned sliding against the wall landing on my bum.

"Does Harry know you're going out with a boy?" Aidan asked in a curious tone.

"Harry doesn't control my life, Aidan,I do not belong to him. I can do what I want" I huffed poking my tongue out.

"That's not what he said" Aidan mumbled running out my room.

"Just get into the shower I'll be back." My mom nodded.

I sighed and got up walking into my bathroom taking a quick shower washing my hair and shaving my legs and under arms. I stepped out of the shower and thoroughly towel tried my hair stepping out to find my mom sitting on the bed with a familiar dress hanging loosely on a hanger and a curling iron in her hand.

"You found me a dress?" I asked slipping on the black heart pants on under my towel before sitting down in front of my vanity table.

"Yeah I took your old dresses out. It should fit you now properly since you bought your dresses fours sizes to big." My mother scowled roughly combing through my sticky hair with a comb make me wince.

"Owe you're hurting me" I whined rubbing lotion on my legs.

My mom rolled her eyes and started blow drying my hair before curling the bottom end of it so that my red hair fell over my shoulder burning my skin. I glared at my mom and blew on my skin when she sprayed some weirs smelling thing on my hair.

"Okay go fit the dress on" my mom grinned pushing me in the bathroom with my bra and the white dress stuffed in my arms.

I turned around and gently placed the dress down dropping my towel and slipping the white laced bra on before slipping the white dress on. I growled at how short it was revealing way to much leg for my liking. You could see the roundness of my thighs causing memories to flood back into my mind of when I last wore this dress.

I was in the seventh grade when I bought this dress for church, I took the biggest size I could because the women convinced my mom it was suppose to fit my frame and I hated it, so before my mom paid for it I swapped the dress and accidentally took the biggest size.

Now the dress snugged my frame showing off my love handles and pushing my breast up showing to much cleavage. The dress snugged its way down my body until it came to my waist where it loosely hung. I tried pulling the thick straps up to cover the curve of my breast but pulled my dress back down when it rose up my thighs.

I shook my head and stormed out agitated,

"I'm not wearing this okay, its to formal and its way to short if-"

I gulped and whimpered as the bell rang downstairs.

"To late babe put the boots on and come downstairs." My mom smirked handing me a pair of brown soft leather ankle boots. "We didn't even get to do your make up" she frowned walking towards my door.

"What about stockings I can't go out like this!" I yelled running to my door.

"No stockings now get done!" My mom yelled causing me to scream in frustration before nervously going to my closet pulling out a baby blue jumper sliding it over my dress so that it toned the formal look down a bit. I hurriedly slid socks on my feet before sliding my feet into my boots.

I nervously looked in the mirror to fine a fat girl with red hair trying to be something she wasn't. My insecurities at times killed my mood and right now it was happening at this moment. The very moment a guy who happens to not be Harry asks me to hang. I was so tempted to change slip the stupid dress off and change into jeans and t-shirt with my hair placed into a floppy ponytail.

"You're going on a fucking date with the douche I fucking told you to stay away from!" Harry yelled causing me to jump back in front. I spun around and nervously bit my lip when I saw a pissed off Harry with his leather jacket crunched up in his hand and his eyes blazing with fury. His chest rapidly moved up and down while my eyes went to his hair that was pushed to the side totally messed up by his fingers that always slid through his hair.

My eyes then slid down to his face that was pulled up in anger, his eyebrows furrowed and his nostrils flaring. I expected him to say something about what I was wearing but he was to damn pissed of to realise.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone pushing past him walking downstairs.

"How the hell do you even know" I spun around stopping on the last step looking up at him.

"Aidan called and told me!"

"Traitor" I growled turning around walking downstairs.

Harry grabbed my wrist and spun me around glaring at me before softening his gaze gently cupping my cheek and placing his forehead against mine.

"Please don't go" he pleaded slowly sliding his hand down my waist resting it on my him giving It a light squeeze. "Stay" he whispered and gently pushed his body against mine lightly pecking my lips holding my bottom lip between his. I released the breath I held in and closed my eyes pulling away shaking my head.

"No." I stated stepping out of his hold walking past him placing my hand over my heart as it pumped against my chest.

"Aleeah I'm being serious right now." Harry stated storming behind me into the lounge where Jason was standing speaking to my mom while Aidan rolled his eyes.

"Aleeah I swear-"

"Jason I'm ready we can leave" I smiled cutting Harry off grabbing Jasons hand walking out of my house leaving a pissed off Harry, an excited mother and a annoyed looking Aidan not giving either of them time to respond

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