Best Friends with a player ( Harry Styles AU)

Being Best Friends with Harry wasn't the easiest thing in the world especially since the school worshipped the ground he walked on. He was the player no girl could resist and the guy every male hated because of the way their girlfriend lusted after him. I was the schools outcast, with the worst social life because Harry was to protective over me causing everyone to steer away. He has this idea that I was 'His' no one else's and made sure every guy knew that.

"Just tell me if you want me to stop Aleeah" Harry murmured causing my eyes to flutter closed when his hot breath skimmed my trembling lips. He slowly backed me up against the hardness of the tree that shaded us, and gently raised my leg so that it was around his hip. I arched my back against his warm chest and felt him press himself tightly against my body causing me to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice husky and seductive while placing small kisses at the corners of my mouth causing my breathing to falter.


4. Chapter 4

I mumbled a quick goodbye to my mom and waved her off while she drove down the deserted street in Harry's area. I sighed, flattening my green sweatshirt and pulled my shorts up since it was a bit loose on me. For some odd reason all my pants and skirts hasn't been sitting well on me. Its been about 3cm too big and its annoying me.

My mom thinks it because I've been going to gym with Harry lately but I brushed the conversation off because I haven't changed my eating habits.

I started walking up the driveway and squinted as the sun roughly hit my eyes making me curse as I walked into Harry's house without knocking. I didn't bother since every time I did, Anne either scolded me or made me wait outside for 10 minutes and right now Harry and I were late and there's nothing more Gerald than being late.

I closed the door and hastily walked into the living room where Harry was still laying with his back flat against the couch, his left arm resting on top of his forehead while his chest evenly rose and fell indicating that he was still asleep, making me roll my eyes as Robin, Harry's stepdad, walked into the room.

He grinned and gave me a small hug,

"Thank God you're here, Anne wanted me to wake the daredevil up and you know how cranky he is when he has a hangover." Robin smiled wishing me luck before leaving the room.

Robin was one of the nicest guys I've ever met, its a pity Harry hates him and causes unwanted problems and arguments. The first time Harry met Robin, Harry ended up punching him in the face and Anne ended up grounding him which made everything worse. Harry hated being told what to do, he was like a five year old kid who throws a tantrum every time they're told to take a bath, but instead of screaming and crying, Harry breaks things and argues with everyone around him.

Harry can get pretty violent when his provoked and that's kind of why Robin tries keeping his distance. I've spoken to him about cutting his stepdad some slack but that just ended up in Harry giving me a whole lecture on why Robin was a 'stupid prick' and a 'fucktard'.

It was sometimes hard to believe that the small and smiley boy with cute little dimples poking out of his cheek that I grew up with, turned into a hard ass player who didn't care what anyone thought. When we were younger he was all smiles and laughter but as we grew up and he got to high school he started being sarcastic, rude and just being not Harry.

It was hard looking at Harry and remembering us doing weird things like staying up late at night making a mess in the kitchen making our own weird concoctions, like finding anything in the kitchen and making chocolate sundays that included peanut butter, M&M's, skittles and sour patch kids with ice-cream and cream. Most people wouldn't call it chocolate Sundays but we weren't most people.

Looking at how softly Harry's chest fell and the softness of his feature made my heart swell every time I watched him sleep. He looked younger and more carefree instead of hard the protective best friend he claimed to be. I knew the old happy Harry was in there somewhere but didn't know how to get out.

I sighed and placed a few loose tendrils of my dirty hair behind my ears and sluggishly walked over to where Harry was laying straddling his stomach pushing all my weight on it, since that's the only way to wake Harry up. He mumbled then tried moving but I kept him in place as a small smile formed on my lips. I giggled and lifted his arm from his forehead before dropping it again. As his hand hit his face, his eyes shot open and he groaned, making me laugh like a crazy person.

I brushed my fingers down his lips causing them to bounce back up as a smile formed on them.

"You know you have wide lips. I've never noticed before." I chuckled brushing my index finger over them again making him chuckle. Before I knew what was happening Harry flipped us over causing me to squeal in shock and Harry to rumble with laughter.

"You know Aleeah, girls seem to love my perfectly wide lips" he smiled making me giggle as he poked my nose with his. His voice was very alluring and hypnotizing that it soothed my ears.

I rolled my eyes and tried pushing him off me.

"Well you won't be getting any girls if your breath smells like that all the time." I giggled, still struggling to get him off of me but to no avail so I just stared up into his emerald orbs that sometimes held no interest.

"You have really pretty eyes Aleeah..." He said while staring at me intently. I blushed as I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was because he never complicated girls on anything but their ass and 'tits' or 'racks' like he says. So when Harry compliments you on your eyes its something big.

I rolled my eyes and finally managed to get him off me by poking his sides since he was extremely ticklish.

He huffed and got up and flipping me the bird as he walked up the stairs pushing past Robin who gave him a smile. I frowned when Harry ignored him and gave Robin an apologetic smile only to have him sigh in defeat, walking back upstairs.

I shook my head and followed the smell of bacon and eggs into the kitchen and greeted Anne who was wearing a 'Kiss the Cook' apron whilst working over the stove.

"Hey Ali breakfast?" Anne asked placing bacon onto a serving plate.

"No thanks Anne. Harry and I have gym" I smiled kissing her cheek.


"For fuck sake James you punch like a fucking pussy!!! Hold you fucking fists up so you can fucking block the punch!" Harry's voice boomed through the gym making me wince as I pushed myself to continue running on the treadmill even though my calves and upper legs felt as if they were on fire. My breathing was rapid and the sweat made my t-shirt cling to my body. I gasped for air and grabbed my bottle gulping down the entire bottle of water in less than a minute.

I immediately felt sorry for the 20 year old guy Harry was training, Harry might be young but he was good at boxing. Gerald decided to hire Harry as a trainer a few months ago and everyone knew how serious Harry was about it. It was something he was passionate about and it was what he did most of the time when his emotions were all over the place.

I decided to stop the assault on my legs and slowed my running pace before completely stopping the machine. I grabbed my empty water bottle and dabbed my face with the towel before walking up to Gerald who was grinning, watching Harry in the ring beating the poor kid up.

I frowned and shook my head jumping into the ring, glaring at Harry.

"Harry you're hurting him! Stop!" I yelled as Harry completely ignored me and continued to punch the guy making me roll my eyes while my breath continued to come out rapidly. "Gerald tell him to stop before he kills the guy!"

Gerald sighed and rolled his eyes climbing into the ring as Harry's fist collided with the guy's face who was desperately trying to block him. Harry's muscles flexed every time his fist came down and the sweat rolling down his arms and back didn't help in making him look less attractive.

I watched as Harry pushed the guy down one more time before walking stepping out of the ring and walking straight to his bag. He pulled out his water bottle and took a swig, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"What the hell is wrong with you Harry? You could have killed him!" I yelled, stomping over to him. I glared at him while he watched me, clearly amused by my little rant.

"Aleeah chill! He wanted to box! Its his own fault if he can't handle it." He said coolly as if there was nothing wrong with beating a guy senseless. I stared at him knowing that nothing I say or do will help this situation. Sighing I got my bag and walked to the car only to find it locked. I then decided to walk to the tree since I forgot to take the keys and the car was locked.

"Where do you think you're going?" Harry asked, walking behind me angrily. I didn't bother answering him which made him even more angry. "Aleeah I asked you fucking question!!" He yelled at me, I turned around blankly stared at his angry face. He roughly tugged me against him angrily stepping closer to me and I felt my breath hitch as his face was merely a few inches away from my own.

"Answer me Aleeah" He spoke as he leaned in firmly placing his body against mine, "Just tell me if you want me to stop." Harry murmured causing my eyes to flutter closed when his hot breath skimmed my trembling lips. He slowly backed me up against the hardness of the tree that shaded us, and gently raised my leg so that it was around his hip. I arched my back against his warm chest and felt him press himself tightly against my body causing me to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice husky and seductive while placing small kisses at the corners of my mouth.

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