Best Friends with a player ( Harry Styles AU)

Being Best Friends with Harry wasn't the easiest thing in the world especially since the school worshipped the ground he walked on. He was the player no girl could resist and the guy every male hated because of the way their girlfriend lusted after him. I was the schools outcast, with the worst social life because Harry was to protective over me causing everyone to steer away. He has this idea that I was 'His' no one else's and made sure every guy knew that.

"Just tell me if you want me to stop Aleeah" Harry murmured causing my eyes to flutter closed when his hot breath skimmed my trembling lips. He slowly backed me up against the hardness of the tree that shaded us, and gently raised my leg so that it was around his hip. I arched my back against his warm chest and felt him press himself tightly against my body causing me to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice husky and seductive while placing small kisses at the corners of my mouth causing my breathing to falter.


11. Chapter 11


He attached his lips to mine, softly this time before deepening it when I arched my back off the bed. His tongue slid along my bottom lip before entering my mouth. Our tongues danced together as his hands began to wander down my side squeezing my thights. I flipped him over straddling his him, grinding my hips into his and felt him smirk into my mouth the moment I attached our lips.

'This was bad, this was really bad ' I chanted in my head as Harrys hands squeezed my bum grinding harder against my core pushing his hips into my waste. What happened to the little pep talk I gave myself, I was so confident and then Harry came and that all shattered putting me in the position that I'm in now.

I slid my hand down his covered stomach towards his crotch where our bodies joined and began gently palming his growing erection.

“Oh No no no Kitten. Me first.” He said pinning me against the bad lifted my hands up above my head causing my t-shirt to ride up. He began placing kisses down my neck causing my breathing to escalate and my chest to rise and fall against his chest. His large hand grabbed my thigh and lifted it to hook around his waist.

“I am so fucking glad you wore a pair of shorts tonight.” He murmered into my neck as he pulled it down and began rubbing me over my panties causing me to moan our loud.
He placed his hand over my mouth and chuckled lightly, “Babe, you’re already so wet.”
All I could do was moan into his hand as he rubbed even harder. 

“Harry..” I breathed heavily. A growl came from his throat as he tore my panties with his hand and discarded them on the ground near us.

Without warning he slipped a finger all the way inside pumping hard and fast. I moaned as my head fell forwards onto his shoulder, breathing heavily as he added a second finger. My hips squirm as I pulled away from his touch.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“ hurts.” I told him un hooking my leg from around his waist, breathing still ragged.

“Oh yeah I forgot you're a virgin” He stands with his hands on my waist as his green eyes look into mine. I wanted to push him away at words that came out of his mouth and tell him I wasn't some slut he can just come to whenever he feels like he's in the mood.

I looked at the ceiling as angry tears formed in my eyes. He lifted my chin downwards so he could look me in the eyes. I bit my lip as I looked at his lips, wanting desperately to kiss him again as the anger pushed away.

“You have…no idea…how hot that is.” Harry panted lustfully. He wasted no time in hoisting my leg back up around his waist and bit down hard on my neck.

Without any warning he slipped one finger into me.
“Just gotta loosen you up a bit, babe.” He said as he added another finger.

I winced in pain as I tried to squirm out of his grip again.

“Wait a second babe, this might feel better…” Instead of pumping he began curling his fingers inside me, hitting a spot I never knew I had. I tightened my let around him and grounded my hips into his fingers. Thrashing my head side to side lifting my hips off the bed moaning out loud clenching the comforters in my hand.

“Can we try one more?” He asked as a third finger skimmed my folds. I gasped and moved my hips harder and he took that as a yes. He slowly added a third finger and began pumping and curling his fingers.

“H-Harry. I-I’m gonna-” my walls clenched around his fingers and I felt an intense orgasm rush through me making my knees weak. Harry held me up as I breathed heavily and came onto his fingers.

That's when realisation hit me like a ton of bricks. My best friend Harry Styles just gave me my first orgasm.

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