be with me

Andrea had always led a great life bt wt wll happen when she meets the bad boy of the school harry styles and they both start spending time together. Worst of all she lets him enter her life and then she sees herself as her dark side to which harry had led her. Will they be together and live like nothing bad is going on or will Andrea leave harry?
only mature audiences.... swearing included


8. the game starts

 i headed downstairs in deep thought.


i had just dumped fred and was moving to the canteen with jazz caroline and dana when the five approached me. "Hey beautiful" liam said. "Hey guys" i said irritated. "Umm so andrea we heard that all the boys have been heartbroken by you and u dont have anyone left" niall smirked. "Well yes but i think u are not too dumb to come and propose her" jazz said giving me a high five "coz u are the most "unwanted" guy in her list. "Oh am i so lets see i dare u to date harry styles and act a couple with him for a week and lets see who wins the game" he laughed. "im ready but just warn ur dear friend to buy enough boxes of tissues after i break his heart" i smirked and moved away from them.

~end of flashback~

"Hey you're up" harry said as i entered the kitchen. "Ya" i said as i smiled sleepily at him. "Pancakes" he asked. "Ya im starving" i replied as he put a plate infront of me. I sat at the counter eating pancakes and he leaned at the counter beside me."so what d'you wanna do today?" he asked. "HUH" i replied my mouth full of pancake. he quickly snapped a pic and i made a puppy face. "Ok so lets go to nandos and then we'll go to a club" i suggested. "Sounds great" he replied as i handed him my plate. "But first you'll have to take me to my villa i need some clothes" i said. "You can take some of mine for now" he said. "K" i replied as i followed him upstairs. he handed me some grey sweatpants. a white plain shirt and a blue hoodie. i went to the bathroom washed my face and changed my clothes. "Thanks" i said as i moved out. "You look cute" he said "So say cheese". He clicked a few selfies and then we moved to his car. "Lets go" i said. "Ya lets go" he replied

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