be with me

Andrea had always led a great life bt wt wll happen when she meets the bad boy of the school harry styles and they both start spending time together. Worst of all she lets him enter her life and then she sees herself as her dark side to which harry had led her. Will they be together and live like nothing bad is going on or will Andrea leave harry?
only mature audiences.... swearing included


7. talks

 i woke up to see andrea lying peacefully next to me. I slipped out tryin not to wake her and went downstairs. "Hey hazza so did she sleep with you" niall asked. "Nope not yet and i really like her man" i replied. "Ya sure you do but just remember it was all a set up and this is a game" he smirked. "Ya" i replied and sighed


Andreas P.O.V

i woke to see the place next to me empty. I guess i didnt really tell u all about the real me. Well i sure am beautiful as others say but i am a serious heartbreaker. This sudden change in me was after my "almost rape". i had thrown all my childish stuff and brought in a new andrea. I was titled the most cute,pretty,hot and heartbreaker in the whole school. I had dated almost every handsome guy in town and dumped them before they could dump me and break my heart. I shook my head on hearing my phone ring. "Hey jazz sup" i asked my bff. "Oh gosh ur still fine. I was so scared for u coz u are living with the five terrible boys who want to get in ur pants" she replied dramatically. "Yeah im alive and i will win this game no matter what it takes" i grinned. "I know u will but just keep in mind that u dont fall in love or ull end up heartbroken and used" she cautioned. "YA babe ill be fine. bye ill ttyl" i said. 


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