be with me

Andrea had always led a great life bt wt wll happen when she meets the bad boy of the school harry styles and they both start spending time together. Worst of all she lets him enter her life and then she sees herself as her dark side to which harry had led her. Will they be together and live like nothing bad is going on or will Andrea leave harry?
only mature audiences.... swearing included


5. something went wrong

 Well as usual i hadnt even got a chance to skip that borin awful school obvio because of my mom. i just wish i could bunk all my classes nd spend some time lookin at all the babes blaise nd the guys try to get. But i already have someone at school whom i wish to be mine. Oh gosh!! im late. i quickly entered the shower slipped into my clothes nd ran to catch my car which was being driven by louis. "Hey hazza late again" zayn said as i sat next to him. "ummm ya i guess" i replied. they kept chattering but i was totally lost in our last nights meeting. I got out before the others and headed to my class. Cool it was my class with andrea. i took my seat and fished my phone out of my pocket. Gosh how could i have spent a whole day without lookin at my accounts. More than 1000 tweets waitin to be replied, about 2500 instagram notifications nd god knows how many missed calls. I quickly replied to the mails nd tweets trying to be as fast as possible. "Hey" i heard a girl as she sat next to me. I looked over and saw andrea. She was lukin too stunning nd hot with her tank top and shorts. "Umm hi" i said moving my eyes to her face. "Thanks for yesterday" she said. "anytime".

~skip to end of school~

i headed to the boys and saw andrea shouting on the phone. i walked over to her "any prob". "hell yeah! my brother has gone out with his gf nd my mom nd dad are out for some days so practically im homeless" she replied. "Wanna stay at my place?" i asked. "Harry i dont wanna coz any prob for u...." "its all right. come on" i said cutting her and took her hand and moved to my car. we were silent throughout the ride. "Harry can i ask you something?" she asked breaking the silence. "yeah shoot it" i replied. " are you involved with a gang?"she asked. i looked at her. How did she get to know that? "Harry please answer truthfully". "yeah" i replied akwardly. " thanks for sayin the truth" she replied as she cuddled my arm. "so you dont mind?" i asked. "Nope" she replied. we reached my place nd currently all the boys were there. "Umm andrea these are my frnds. Zayn, Louis,Nial and Liam nd their girlfriends." i said. i was so relieved that blaise and the gang wer not there and i was sure that i was exieing that dumb fuckin gang coz they tried to rape andrea. "hi" she replied to all of them. "hey babe" "welcome" "hazza got a great one here" nd so on. "Guys mind you keep ur eyes and hands off her or else you kno what'll happen" i warned. "i heard a muffled giggle behind me. "k cmon ill show u my room" i said as i headed to my room. 

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