be with me

Andrea had always led a great life bt wt wll happen when she meets the bad boy of the school harry styles and they both start spending time together. Worst of all she lets him enter her life and then she sees herself as her dark side to which harry had led her. Will they be together and live like nothing bad is going on or will Andrea leave harry?
only mature audiences.... swearing included


1. my life

 I woke to my alarm buzzing loudly. I changed lazily into my torsos and a loose white shirt." Harry come on we re getting late" my mother payton called out. Yes im the Harry Edward Styles. I jogged downstairs picked a apple and headed to my car. How I hate school bt still have to bear it. I turned on the radio and headed to the school. Harry liam called out as he punched me. HI liam,I replied with a grin. As we walked in I saw the girls giving smiles to me. Well that's what u get when ur the great harry. we met with the others. Gosh I had maths first, I really HATE studies nd maths is damn fuckin. iwalked alone to my class and took the last seat. All girls moved to take a seat beside me. Well let them fight ill be me.

 skip to end of class

man that was too boring. except for the girls showing and exposing themselves. I walked out of my class be4 the bell rang. Awesome I had English next. The only thing I like. I waked with Zayn and took the second seat. We waited fr Ms drane to come and I realy lost my heart to the girl who entered with her. Her brown wavy hair were left loose and bounced as she moved in. Her face was perfect, green eyes and a she turned to take the seat next to me sheflashed a smile to me.

Am I falling for her??


AN- hey guys its my first movella pls read and comment

it means a lot to me

love- maria<3

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