be with me

Andrea had always led a great life bt wt wll happen when she meets the bad boy of the school harry styles and they both start spending time together. Worst of all she lets him enter her life and then she sees herself as her dark side to which harry had led her. Will they be together and live like nothing bad is going on or will Andrea leave harry?
only mature audiences.... swearing included


3. flashback

  "hi lil sis" my brother Jason called out as I entered my house. "hi jay" I replied giving him a hug. Jason was the only one who understood and cared about me. "Sorry I forgot to pick u up ,had to get to a place so tht we can escape this place some time" he grinned as we moved to my room. "ya we will thnx jay love u" I said as he skipped down the stairs. At first jay was very rude to me bt then we were in the same situation and just wanted to escape from this villa and live a normal life.


I was walking through the street because of my dumb car. a group of boys had approached me and were following me. "hey babe wanna come with us" one of them said. "No im fine" I replied and kept walking. "cmon hottie u ll have fun" one guy headed and started touching me. "leave  I said pushing them away. "no forget ur home babe ur with us now" a boy with hazel brwn eyes and brown curls said as they all started touching me. he ripped off my dress and I was almost nude in front of them. one of them pushed me into a car with two boys pinching and kissing me. I shouted for help but no one came. then a boy saw me, it was Jason and he had saved me from those rapists. I love him for all the care and love hes given me.

-end of flashback-

I had changed into my pink tight skirt and floral top with peep toe heels . I just wish id reach my frnds place without any harm.



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